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The Inconvenient Truth About Paleo

Posted on February 12, 2014 by Hilary Bromberg

"When someone complains that Paleo is hard, they are right. Creating a healthier body, a healthier community, and a healthier world shouldn’t be easy, quick, or convenient."

I absolutely love this piece by Tony Federico, and it has really spoken to me lately.

He dives into how, yes, for the most part, paleo eating can be inconvenient, but it’s worth the extra effort.

The parts that really took me into deeper thinking throughout the week were the lines about connections with others, encouraging the “whole foods” of communication rather than processed conversation from a high-tech phone. 

I understand that we are living in an ultra-wired world these days, and completely disconnecting isn’t always possible; but I invite you to take a few minutes and try to think about the last time you truly got to sit down with someone and listen, as well as be listened to. 

With this week being Valentine’s Day, instead of living only in the greeting card realm, I am going to be focusing my efforts on trying to show more care and thoughtfulness with everyone I encounter, whether it means preparing a nice meal with friends to celebrate on Friday, or simply putting down my phone during lunch with a friend and participating in real life, meaningful communication. I will be posting some things I find helpful and thoughtful that you may choose to try this week as well. 

At Barefoot Provisions, we’re all about making a shift on a large scale — not just in diet. A true primal lifestyle celebrates genuine and in-person connection with others — these connections can be just as nourishing as food (if not more so).

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