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Paleo/Primal Sweet Potato Casserole

Posted on December 08, 2014 by Alyssa Cassidy


Sweet potato casserole was always served at big family dinners in the fall and winter in my family, topped with candied nuts, toasted marshmallows, and all- except ours was filled with sugar. Once you get the hang of paleo cooking, you soon realize that all that refined sugar isn't needed to create the tastes you remember and recipes like this will remind you of the original, without spiking your blood sugar into a coma. Here is how to make it:

You'll need:

Yam/sweet potato, coconut sugar, ghee, honey, nuts, your favorite grain free flour, and cinnamon.


Preheat oven on broil setting.

First, peel, chop, and boil, about 2.5 lbs of yams, or sweet potato. 

After draining water, take a hand mixer, or fork, and mush until smooth. Add 2 tbsp of grass-fed butter or, our favorite, Pure Indian Foods Ghee, 2 tbsp of coconut sugar, and a tsp of cinnamon, and mix until well blended. Pour into greased baking dish.


Chop 3 tbsp grass-fed butter into small pieces and add in a  small bowl. Add 2 more tbsp of coconut sugar, 1 tsp of cinnamon, and about 3 tbsp of Super Flour, sprouted flour mix. Toss and carefully remove the clumps, leaving the leftover powder in the bowl. Sprinkle the powder in an even layer on the sweet potato. Next, throw some pecanswalnuts, or even nut mix, like Mesquite Maple Pod nut mix, on top of the powdered mix. Now, evenly distribute the butter/sugar/flour pieces (you can see what they look like above,) and finally drizzle with 1 or 2 tbsp of neem honey (Heavenly Organics makes some really wonderful honey- click that link to read about their methods, and sourcing, very commendable.) 

Broil until all toppings have melted together and begun to crisp. Let cool slightly and serve.


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