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Paleoista Pantry Basics Kit

Stocking up your healthy Paleoista Pantry? Start with the basics: two of the healthiest fats. Olive oil, great for drizzling on top of steamed veggies or salad, and coconut oil, perfect for cooking foods at higher temps while providing great taste and loads of health benefits. Paired with a selection of authentic spice blends, there’s no limit to the amount of culinary possibilities you can create in your very own kitchen. With an emphasis on local, seasonal produce, balanced out with naturally raised proteins, a True Paleo regime is all about a focus on flavor and abundance of all the wonderful foods we can nourish our bodies with while enjoying ridiculously delicious foods at the same time!

Here's what you get:

Raw Organic Unfiltered Olive Oil by Essential Living Foods

Organic Jamaican Jerk by Teeny Tiny Spice Company of Vermont

Organic British Curry by Teeny Tiny Spice Company of Vermont

Organic Vindaloo by Teeny Tiny Spice Company of Vermont

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 15 oz by Nutiva

Check out Nell Stephenson's site to learn more about her practice and how to incorporate True Paleo into your life:



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