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Happy Primal Halloween

Boo!! Not scary! What's that you say? No scary pesticides, fungicides, excessive processed sugars, GMO soy lecithin, arsenic, mercury, or lead in my chocolate this year? Boo...waaahh! No neurotoxic artificial dyes like Yellow #5, Blue 2 and Red 40? But what about all those fun colors?? And no heavy metals, no artificial flavors? Will it even taste good? And no terrifying child slavery, or dehumanizing social injustice in my bag o' goodies? Nope, sorry. We work hard, and aim very high, to curate a chocolate collection that shines bright and can make us all proud. These amazing treats are both mid-blowingly delicious, made in small batch production, as well as clean and socially responsible to the max. So eat to your heart's delight. Get the scary good 100% chocolate and raw honey patties for the kids, and indulge in one of our "adult" bars, like the 100% raw Antidote with slivers of dates for yourself. Oh, wow, can Halloween please be every month?