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Thai BBQ Sea Bakin' by Sea of Change - 1 oz

So there's a movement afoot to get all of us to eat our sea vegetables - they are full of nutrition and blah, blah, blah. No, really - they are! Right now you can enjoy some seaweed in your sushi, have a processed seaweed salad at a restaurant, or snack on those paper thin oily snack wafers. While they all have their place, sometimes you want something more substantive - a little crunch, a little chew. Rejoice, crunchy-chewy lovers, and unite: Sea Bakin' Thai BBQ is here for you. They are seaweed snacks made from nori, sesame seeds, coconut oil, and spices - a wholly different crunchy animal from the common paper-thin seaweed snacks. Before tasting these, I didn't know what to expect, but I loved the nibbly sweet smokiness. These are like kale chips but actually tasty.    

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Many of us fall into two categories: we love seaweed, or we think we don't like it. For those who love it, the nutritional aspects are just one wonderful bonus of chomping down on all things like nori and kelp and beyond. For those who are still on the fence, looking for the nutrition of seaweed and hoping to find a gateway product, welcome. Sea Bakin' is for you, and you, and you. Many nutritionists believe sea veggie stuffs are one of the healthiest foods on earth. So eat it up now. Yep, research indicates that seaweed is rich in minerals such as iodine, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium. So much for the lowly weed.

Here's the story of the company behind Sea Bakin'

Ahoy! We are a group of friends in Northern California committed to creating unique and healthful foods with sea veggies. We are inspired by the incredible bounty of the Pacific Coast and are committed to the sustainability and the health of the oceans. We believe that our food choices are the most important ones we make and this has the collective possibility of changing the world for the better.

The Great and Wonderful Sea of Change Trading Co, Inc was founded in 2012 from brewing waves of excitement and immense dedication to exploring the culinary possibilities of sea vegetables. We began with early morning treks to the Pacific Ocean, harvesting by the last of the moonlight and with the ebb of the tides, and hurried forth by the first break of dawn and the waves’ imminent return. Next came afternoons sun-drying sea plants in the soft spring Sonoma sun. Evenings were filled with routine experimentation, preparation and the sharing of various tasty and healthy seaweed based foods — the start of many we will share with the world.

We reached for and read every recipe book, identification book, seaweed study and paraphernalia we could find, just to feed the obsession. We saw great possibility in the ocean, and in the meeting of tide and shoreline. We created a remarkable seaweed library, in the sense memory of our bodies and the print of our bookshelves.

We reached out to wild-harvesters in the US and Canada, procuring the best of the Atlantic, and dove back into the Pacific waves again, to bring back more of California’s coastal bounty. Then we traveled across the seas to understand how seaweed is farmed commercially, visiting many seaweed farms in Asia.

Our friends and family supported us with direct loans to lift us off the ground and into the waves of possibility. They have directly shared in propelling our vision to bring more sea veggie foods to market and to keep imagining, together, the sea of change that we can bring.

Join us! There is a sea of change and it’s in your hands!

Check out the inspiring video by Dark Rye about this incredible company here. You'll love the bakin' even more after this!

Sea of Change from Dark Rye on Vimeo.


Why do you love sea vegetables so much?

Sea vegetables are wild ocean plants, technically marine algaes, enjoyed for thousands of years by native coastal cultures as a staple and healing food. Sea veggies add a rich, umami flavor to the diet and supercharge the nutritional value of your meals.

Most every culture with coastal access has made culinary use of sea vegetation. The Japanese and other Asian countries are famous for their seaweed consumption, but even the ancient Europeans would chew on dried dulse for nutritional sustenance. Ancient Polynesians cultivated kelp farms and Native North Americans on the California coast used sea vegetables as a core food and a valuable inland trading commodity.

Sea vegetables spend their entire existence growing in the world’s largest and most complete nutrient-dense mineral bath: the Ocean! Sea vegetables are among the richest food sources of iodine, calcium, magnesium,  zinc, iron, potassium, manganese, and all other (56 in total) minerals essential to health! 

Where do you source your seaweed from?

Many places! Sea vegetables are seasonal so we gather from near and far. We get our seaweed from domestic and international suppliers—both farms and wild-harvesters—and we get out in the ocean and bring it in ourselves! This is our favorite part of the job. We live in Northern California and have a commercial seaweed harvesting license. So during at least half of the year, you’ll find us zipping up our wetsuits and clambering over rocks and through coves to hunt down the freshest, most tasty north coast sea products we can find with our own eyes and hands.


What are your quality assurance and safety procedures?

We follow good manufacturing procedures to ensure food safety, high quality, and good taste. We have a stringent quality assurance program that tests for and ensures the safety of our ingredients and our products. We eat our foods every day, so do our family and friends. Our ability and our commitment to make safe and healthy foods is firm.

Are your products gluten free?

All of our ingredients are gluten free. Our products are manufactured on equipment in a shared facility. We follow good manufacturing practices to prevent cross-contamination.

Any other allergy concerns?

You should check the allergen information and ingredient list on each product. If you have a specific allergy inquiry, feel free to contact us. Our products are manufactured on equipment in a shared facility. We follow good manufacturing practices to prevent cross-contamination.

Our package mentions shellfish. This is because shellfish like crabs, abalone, and sea snails live amongst sea vegetables and munch on seaweed. (Yup, seaweed sustains a marvelous number of lifeforms!) From time to time, we find one of these little critters in the rinse process.

Are your products good for vegans?

Sea vegetables are naturally vegan and we use only vegan ingredients in our Sea Bakin’. We think vegans will be particularly happy to hear that seaweed is one of only a few plant-based sources of vitamin B12. 

Are you organic?

We produce our products in a manner consistent with organic standards and the majority of our ingredients are certified organic; we expect our products to be fully certified organic in 2014.

Do you use GMO ingredients?

We do not use GMO ingredients. We believe that foods containing GMO ingredients should be labeled as such.

Sea Bakin' Thai BBQ Details

From the seriously cute and lively packaging: "Thai BBQ Sea Bakin’ is slightly sweet, slightly smoky and completely delicious. Call it the lovechild of Thai curry and our backyard barbecue. It’s a super-snacky and truly tasty way to bring more protein, calcium and essential minerals into your life!

Sea Bakin’ seaweed snacks are hand-crafted from sun-dried Whole Leaf Nori, blended with the finest organic ingredients the Good Earth has to offer, and lightly roasted for optimal munching. Such savory goodness with a hint of maple sweetness. The tide is changing… and it’s in your hands!"


Nori (Seaweed), Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Rice Syrup, spices, sea salt


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