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Organic Jojoba Oil by Aura Cacia - 4 oz

Time for a corny holiday joke. Q: What does Mrs. Claus want from Santa for Christmas? A: Jojoba oil! Get it? OK, while you're rolling on the floor laughing, know that this organic oil is the answer to those wintry dry skin issues that crop up every year. On its own or with a few drops of fragrant essential oils for aromatherapeutic punch, it only takes a little bit to cleanse the face, a little to soften the hands. You have a recipe for happy skin until the days start getting longer. By then you'll be hooked and ready for another bottle. 

For the true, true stories behind this incredible skinstuff, read on.

How does one say, "jojoba"? Just think about jalapenos instead of jogging (I do all the time), and let "ho-ho-bah" roll off the tongue. Easy. If you ever forget, you could use the alternate names for the nut that makes the oil: goat nut, pignut, deer nut . . . the list goes on. I think jojoba is kind of nice, myself. Now, let's talk about why oil, especially jojoba, is a fantastic thing to be putting ON your body (in addition to having great fats in your diet) to have healthy skin.

Nearly everything in your body starts with oil, from head to toe. The combination in balance keeps tissues soft and functioning as they should. Applying soap feels pretty good right after a shower or face wash, but the skin might complain later in the form of dryness or irritation. Feed it what it wants with a few drops of natural oil, in the form of this organic jojoba from Aura Cacia. After a shower is the perfect time for your skin to soak up this essential nutrition. Pop open the top and sprinkle a few drops on, spreading gently but broadly. What I love is that there's no grease, no sense that this is a strange thing, putting oil on one's skin. It feels as smooth and delightful as the best fancy-pants lotion you've ever used, with one major difference: this is one ingredient only. How awesome.

I've applied it to places like elbows, knees, that barely-kinda-sorta-always-dry skin on my forearms, my hands, and beyond. The feet love it, as does the belly. I haven't even mentioned the face! You can add a few drops of your favorite fragrant essential oil, whatever scent is calming or invigorating, and make this your facial cleansing formula. Massage gently all over your face and then slowly wipe off with a hot washcloth, letting the steam waft up and penetrate your senses. Or use it on its own — a little squirt on some damp skin, a swipe with a warm washcloth, and you're all set. Just search the interwebs for "oil cleansing method" and you'll have tons of inspiration and handy tips.

Why Jojoba Oil is so good for your skin

Now that you know why it's a good idea to apply fat to your skin, why THIS fat? The answer lies in the substance known as sebum. Jojoba is a rare bird in that it contains waxes that almost perfectly mimic the makeup of sebum. No veggie oil does that, only jojoba. This means it can absorb almost perfectly and, because like dissolves like, even penetrate the waxes that build up and clog pores and hair follicles. 

Next, this Jojoba Oil from Aura Cacia is the perfect choice for the jojoba job. Here's what they say about the process, "It's made from organically grown jojoba plants that are harvested and processed in compliance with the USDA Organic program. Every bottle is softening, protecting and balancing, truly a natural source of skin-balancing oil."

A few other attributes worth mentioning: this bottle is totally paraben free, free of petroleum products, free of synthetic ingredients, and nothing but 100% pure botanical goodness.

Here are some of the amazing attributes of Jojoba Oil:


Sebum is the name of your skin's protective wax game. It's purposes are vast, but when things go awry, it can clog up follicles and generally get in the way, just like too much ear wax. Jojoba's natural wax is able to gently remove excess sebum and revitalize your skin at its foundation. 

How to use Jojoba Oil:

Like many essential oils, this is best used sparingly for a little goes a long way. A few drops on a dry patch of skin, or a thin massaging application after your shower is perfect. Here are some other ways that jojoba can be used, throughout your skin care routine:

  1. Oil cleansing method: a slow gentle application to the face, then a warm washcloth to help it soak in and refresh your skin and mood.
  2. Makeup remover: a little bit on a cotton ball or your fingertips will dissolve makeup in no time flat.
  3. Massage oil. 
  4. Bath oil for extra moisturizing joy from your soak time.
  5. Hair conditioner. Massage into hair, leave for 5 minutes before rinsing out.
  6. Aftershave. Soothes skin sensitive to the effects of shaving.
  7. Scalp massage oil. Some say it might help with hair loss - it's worth a try, and if nothing else, your scalp will feel amazing.

About Aura Cacia, in their own words

Aura Cacia was founded in 1982 in Weaverville, California. The founders realized the power of essential oils and began spreading the word about aromatherapy. The more people learned, the more they demanded essential oils and other natural aromatherapy products — a process that is continues today.

Aura Cacia continues as the quality leader in aromatherapy today via our Source To Shelf Strategy. Our ethical and sustainable sourcing program, Well Earth®, and our in-house sophisticated testing capabilities, allow us to guarantee the quality of our essential oils. In the face of increasing adulteration and quality exaggeration in the marketplace, this is peace of mind for our customers.

At Aura Cacia, we take sustainability very seriously. Through our Well Earth sustainable sourcing program, we strive to develop new ethical-sourcing partnerships and ensure the raw materials and packaging components we buy are provide in a sustainable manner.

With each purchase of an Aura Cacia organic product, you help farmers and their families achieve a better life. The money from individual purchases provides opportunities for the people whose skill and commitment is essential to the high quality Aura Cacia aromatherapy products you enjoy. Our 1% Organic Fund originated with the re-launch of our organic essential oils in 2010. Our first project was to build a preschool in Madagascar, where we source our organic ylang ylang essential oil. The school helps hardworking parents realize their dreams for their children's education and offers a new world of opportunity for generations to come.

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

Is this oil organic?

Not only organic, but certified and harvested under USDA guidelines so you know it's awesome.

Is this tested on animals?

Absolutely not. Unless you count yourself. Test away, you animal!

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