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Chocolate Maca Love Handcrafted Raw Organic Chocolate by Lulu's - 1 oz

Maca, maca, maca!! What is this ingredient with the strange name and what is it doing in my chocolate? Quite simple, maca is love. This powerful little ingredient can boost your good feelings about the world in general, and what better way to further feel good than by eating a chocolate bar? Lulu's has the hookup with their Maca Love bar, combining raw chocolate, natural sweetener, and herbal enhancements to make your heart go pitter-patter. While I don't recommend chocolate as medicine, this bar sure makes me feel a bit healthier and more in tune with all that is good.  

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

What is it like to taste this bar? Dive in and I'll take you on a sweet ride. First, the packaging is all serious and earnest: red and black, indicating a voracious vitality, pumping blood and exciting emotions. The gold inner foil makes me feel decadent somehow in a different way than a standard silver wrapper. Something warm about that hue... 

Now to the bar. It's thin, perfectly striated into little pieces, with perfect snapping texture. Break off just a bit and let it melt in your mouth. The fine grain of the coconut sugar comes through, along with just a hint of something MORE than dark chocolate. That would be the maca - a full 25% of the weight of the bar is nothing but maca. (Read more about that amazing ingredient below...) 

I love the bar's flavor for its totality: this is not just another pure dark chocolate bar where you only taste the cacao. That's a different experience, a different goal. Here the quest is to deliver a decadent chocolate with superfoods packed within, and it is wildly successful. In reality, the bar is difficult to not eat all in one sitting but I'd suggest you share with a loved one so you both can feel the gentle effects of maca on your mood.

These amazing bars are handcrafted with heart, using only the highest quality, purest ingredients. Lulu’s uses only cacao that is fair trade and sourced from small family farms. Every ingredient in their bars is sourced mindfully to ensure they are aligned with sustainable creation, and they partner only with companies who hold these values. Their amazingly delicious raw cacao is sourced through Pacari in Ecuador. They sweeten their bars exclusively with sustainably-harvested coconut sugar, the nutrient-rich sap of coconut palm trees. This nectar pours forth by "tapping" the blossom of the tree before it matures into a coconut. Raw dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, minerals, and feel-good chemicals, and coconut palm sugar is low-glycemic and mineral-rich. Together (and with a few other beautiful additions), Lulu makes them into magic.

Welcome to the future of food, where a higher level of consciousness around ingredients, sourcing, craft, and flavor results in amazing foods that you can feel good about on every level.

The Maca Love Bar is organic raw yum with low-glycemic coconut sugar. Experience the uplifting yet grounding energy of delicious Maca! A long revered treasure of the Andes, Maca root is believed to increase vitality & libido while balancing hormones & adrenals. This delightful bar is rounded out with a touch of mesquite, sea salt and vanilla. Lulu’s uses only pure vanilla bean, never extracts. Vanilla is the fruit of an orchid flower, and it often grows in cacao trees. Mythologically, they were great lovers, and indeed make a perfect yin-yang union. 

About Lulu’s, in their own words

"Aloha, I'm Lulu, creator of Lulu's Chocolate . Many people ask me how I got started doing what I do, and here is my story.

While living in Portland, Oregon teaching yoga I took a trip to Hawaii to explore the tropics. It was on this trip that I experienced my first taste of raw cacao straight from the tree. It was mind blowing! I had always been a bit of a chocoholic and it felt like for the first time in my chocolate explorations, I was actually fulfilled. My brain buzzed with bliss and my whole body filled with ecstatic energy. WOW!

I knew cacao trees only grow in the tropics, yet after one taste of the raw food that gave me so much energy and bliss I was determined to find a way to recreate those sensations wherever I went. I left Hawaii to attend the Burning Man festival, where everyday I mixed a new flavor of raw chocolate in my coconut bowl and fed anyone around. Each day a bigger crowd came to my camp to experience my chocolate and my new great passion. It was clear that people loved my raw chocolate alchemy!

After the festival, I traveled through California for a few months, experimenting with a variety of recipes and ingredients just for fun. When I returned to Portland for the winter holidays I was in for a surprise! I had so many requests from people wanting to give my raw chocolate creations as holiday gifts. So, I got busy filling orders. In fact, my chocolate became so popular that a business was born by demand of those who love it.

The raw chocolate wants to be shared, and I am happy to co-create with its magical energy. I am blessed to be running an ever growing, successful business and have the most amazing job in the world! I feel grateful to be able to share this gift with everyone and to spread the chocolate love!"

Why this chocolate bar is so good for you

    1. Raw cacao is one of the most phytochemically complex foods on Earth. Many of its constituents have yet to even be discovered! We could write a dissertation on the health benefits of raw cacao.
    2. Here are just a few compounds found in raw cacao beans: neurotransmitter anandamide (the "bliss" chemical), neurotransmitter phenethylamine (also known as PEA, the "love molecule"), neurotransmitter serotonin (a brain chemical that acts to shield against stress, increasing one's sense of well-being) neurotransmitter dopamine (increases one's sense of pleasure and elevates the mood), phytochemical coumarin (suppresses appetite, and also has anti-tumor properties and helps with blood circulation) enzyme asparaginase (a special enzyme with anti-cancer properties) ergosterol (a necessary chemical for Vitamin D assimilation) and sitosterol (helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels). Amazing!
    3. Sensuality: Chocolate is the oldest known Aphrodisiac still on the scene. It really works. Mmm... The scent of chocolate has been scientifically proven to increase blood flow to the penis. All of our creations pair cacao with its mythological lover, Vanilla. Vanilla is the fruit of an orchid flower. Now that's sexy!

Why you should eat raw cacao instead of cooked

First, just to clarify, “raw” chocolate has actually been fermented, which is a very good thing nutritionally. Fermentation makes foods a lot more digestible, activating compounds that you want to be eating, and neutralizing those you don’t. So all so-called raw chocolate is actually fermented. No, it doesn’t have a funky taste like kimchi or sauerkraut, but you can definitely taste a tangy tannic quality in good dark chocolate, not dissimilar from wine. 

The benefits of raw chocolate (compared to cooked) include: much higher levels of antioxidants (oligomeric procynanidins, resveratrol and the polyphenols: catechin and epicatechin) as well as the preservation of vitamin C, phenethylamine (PEA, the feel-good neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of love), omega-6 fatty acids (which when heated become rancid and cause inflammation), tryptophan (a commonly deficient amino acid in those who consume a diet of mostly cooked food) and serotonin (a neurotransmitter that makes us feel goooood.)

Why you should eat eat chocolate with a low-glycemic sweetener like coconut sugar

Sugar has gotten a bad rap over the years for its effect on our blood sugar, hormonal system, and the overall inflammatory effects it can have within the body. Lulu’s supports your health and well-being by using only coconut sugar to sweeten their products. This sweetener is made from crystalized coconut nectar harvested directly from the coconut blossom. Mildly sweet, very low glycemic, and caramel-like in flavor, these sugar crystals fuse perfectly with raw cacao nibs in the stone grinders, producing an ultra-silky texture.

Lulu’s gifts people the ability to experience epic chocolate treats AND an incredible level of health and vitality at the same time! All of their products are low glycemic and easy on the blood sugar, sweetened only with pure, organic coconut palm sugar.

Coconut sugar is also one of the healthiest and most sustainable sweeteners available. Tropical coconut palms require little water to thrive and can actually restore damaged soils and regenerate ecosystems which help support wildlife. 

Why maca is so awesome (for more, check out our maca blend)

Maca is traditionally known to support hormone balance, and increase libido and energy (similar to ginseng and other adaptogenic foods). This amazing superfood comes from the hardy maca plant, which thrives high in the rugged Andes Mountains. Maca has been a traditional Peruvian health and vitality secret for thousands of years.


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