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Organic Carrot Cake Super Cookies by Go Raw - 3 oz

The sweetness of carrots married with the spicy flavor of nutmeg—welcome to the delicious Super Cookie that tastes like a crunchy piece of carrot cake! It’s got a classic carrot cake flavor with all the nutritional goodness of a raw snack that your body will thank you for. With an ultra-healthy base of coconut and sesame, these mini-cookies taste rich and delicious — and are as good for the body as they are for the tastebuds.

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Only five ingredients, all healthy and delicious

  1. Organic Coconut
  2. Sprouted Organic Sesame Seeds
  3. Organic Carrots
  4. Organic Dates
  5. Organic Nutmeg

All live, all seeds sprouted, no GMOs, no trans fats, all hand made, all family owned

Why Go Raw Super Cookies are so good

Why coconut is so good for you

Coconut has been used by many cultures worldwide for thousands of years, and is well known for its many amazing properties. Coconut is so nutritious, its list of benefits reads like a patent medicine bottle. Many people eat several tablespoons of coconut oil daily, for the incredible host of benefits it confers. It’s full of health-boosting lauric acid and medium-chain triglycerides, and it’s been shown to:

  1. Help with weight loss
  2. Boost energy and athletic performance
  3. Help with Alzheimer’s and cognitive function
  4. Have antimicrobial and anti-viral qualities
  5. Nourish the thyroid
  6. Help prevent candida overgrowth
  7. Boost the metabolism
  8. Make skin and hair softer

Why sesame seeds are so good for you 

Sesame seeds have been used for thousands of years for culinary and health-enhancing purposes. Their nutritional profile is a powerful one. They’re a great source of dietary protein, healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

  1. Healthy fats: sesame seeds are especially rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acid oleic acid, which helps to lower LDL or "bad cholesterol" and increases HDL or "good cholesterol" in the blood. It’s also known as a classic “beautifying” oil. 
  2. Antioxidants: The antioxdants sesamol and sesaminol help stave off harmful free radicals from the human body. 
  3. Vitamins: Sesame seeds are great sources of B-complex vitamins such as niacin, folic acid, thiamin (vitamin B1), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), and riboflavin. Niacin helps reduce LDL-cholesterol levels in the blood. In addition, it enhances GABA activity inside the brain, which helps reduce anxiety and neurosis.
  4. Minerals: Calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and copper are especially concentrated in sesame seeds. Many of these minerals have a vital role in bone mineralization, red blood cell production, enzyme synthesis, hormone production, in addition to regulation of cardiac and skeletal muscle activities.

Why carrots are so good for you

Carrots are full of beta-carotene, helping to keep eyes protected against macular degeneration and the body’s cells from aging. 

Why dates are so good for you

Dates are vitamin and mineral-rich — they’re particularly high in iron and vitamin K. 

Why raw?

Food in its raw natural state contains essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals compromised during high-heat processing. All in all, raw foods are just plain good for you. The low-heat processing protects and preserves the good stuff.

Why soaked and sprouted?

Soaking and sprouting are ancient techniques, developed by our wise ancestors to make certain foods, like nuts, seeds and grains, more nutritious and easier to digest. These foods evolved chemical defense mechanisms to protect themselves until the proper growing conditions came about — enough moisture to help them burgeon into sprouts. Most nuts, seeds, and grains simply aren’t easily digested unless they’re soaked for a while, to awaken the mechanisms that say, “Hey, time to sprout!” and unleash an amazing series of biochemical transformations. The soaking and sprouting process brings natural resting enzymes to life, increasing bioavailable nutrients. Increased nutrients and live enzymes aid digestion and strengthen the body’s natural healing process, increasing vital energy and wellness. The soaking and sprouting process also minimizes or eliminates nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances such as enzyme inhibitors, phytates (phytic acid), polyphenols (tannins), and goitrogens. We recommend soaking and sprouting any nuts, seeds and grains that you plan to eat (unless someone else has already done it for you). The soak/sprout/dehydration process takes a bit of planning ahead (and a dehydrator), but it’s well worth it for the health benefits it confers. It also makes nuts and seeds taste amazing — extra-buttery and satisfyingly crispy-crunchy.

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