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Payo Paleo Mayo by Paleo Foods - 8 oz

You have time to make your own mayonnaise at home. So do I. But do we make our own mayo? Yeah, didn't think so. Now the question is, "What kind of awesome and delicious healthy mayo can I buy?" That was the thought that popped into Loren Sands-Ramshaw's head a few years ago. One Kickstarter and a lot of work later, Payo is here. Made from macadamia nut oil, the best eggs imaginable, and a squeeze of lemon. Fire up some grilled asparagus or pick up your favorite spoon.

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Variety is the spice of life, within healthy reason, of course. Having options for paleo-friendly mayo is a wonderful situation to be in. Let me introduce you to Payo: the macadamia nut oil mayonnaise that is some kind of wonderful. The first of its kind, chock full of only the best ingredients, Payo hits on all the right notes. 

First, there's the macadamia nut oil from non-GMO nuts. Then, add in eggs that are cage free, organic, free range and all kinds of pedigreed. Finish up with organic mustard and a dash of bright and tart organic lemon juice. It can't get much simpler than that.

Conventional store mayos (even many home recipes) typically start with canola or vegetable oil, full of omega-6 fats that many of us are a bit overloaded on already. (Even our beloved avocado oil-based mayos have 9% omega-6, compared to 1.2% for Payo!) And some paleo friendly recipes use olive oil, which has a bit too much olive-y flavor for many occasions. So what is a healthy-thinking person to do? Bring on the macadamia nut oil! Payo is here to help out and make your cooking life simpler.

How does this stuff taste? Pretty freaking amazing. Rich and nutty, but with the zing we love in a sandwich spread. This is REAL food, real ingredients, really convenient. 

Why Payo Mayo is so good for you

It's the pedigree of the ingredients. Just keep reading to get the scoop on how the best jarred mayonnaise out there is built, piece by piece:

Here are some of the amazing ingredients in Payo

Macadamia Nut Oil

Our macadamia oil is squeezed from nuts that are not genetically modified. Our oil is also virgin: it is cold-pressed (expeller-pressed at low temperatures), and the only other type of processing is a simple physical filter to remove the nut fibers from the oil. And when we say virgin, we mean really virgin. There aren't standards outside the world of olive oil for what "extra virgin" or "virgin" mean, but if there were, we would be super-extra virgin. Extra virgin olive oil must have a peroxide value (rancidity level) of ≤ 20 (per the USDA rules). Our macadamia oil has a maximum peroxide value of 5 and usually tests at under 2! It was also tested at only 1.2% omega-6 fatty acid.

Egg Yolks (and Eggs)

Egg yolks, long the red-headed stepchild of the chicken 'family', are now considered by many ancestral health devotees to be the ONLY good part of the egg - why use that lean white part when pretty much all the nutrients are in the orangey-yellow orb in the middle? Egg yolks are an amazing source of: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Phosphorous, Selenium, Folate and Pantothenic Acid. Yowza.

Our eggs are USDA Organic, which means our hens are: antibiotic-free, provided with organic feed, not raised in cages, and not force-molted. Also, while many organic egg producers only have token outdoor access (like a small barn porch), our birds roam outside on grassland from dusk till dawn year-round (weather permitting). It is there that they can eat their natural diet of vegetation and grubs.

How to use Payo Mayo

Boy, isn't it time you were able to open a jar of mayo and start spreading it on whatever the heck you want? Personally, I'd go right for a batch of deviled eggs. Then I'd made a summery cold potato salad, then probably some awesome coleslaw. Smear it on grilled corn with a dash of chili powder. If you're a friend of paleo bread, think of the next sandwich you make, or the next wrap, and more. Your possibilities are almost endless.

  1. Mexican-style grilled corn (Elote)
  2. Tuna tartare
  3. Deviled eggs
  4. Creamiest. Guacamole. Ever.
  5. Spinach & Artichoke dip
  6. Unconventional potato salad
  7. Steamed artichoke dip
  8. Tuna salad (Sardine salad? Yum.)
  9. Egg Salad
  10. Any creamy dressing ever.

Here are answers to some of your most important questions!

Why Macadamia Nut Oil?

Full but not obtrusive flavor, great nutritional profile.

Does this mayo need to be refrigerated?

Yes, after you open your jar of mayo, it needs to be refrigerated.

About the guy behind Payo, in his own words

"It all started in the bright warm summer of 2013 in a tiny town in the middle of North Carolina, when Founder Loren was cooking out of the excellent Paleo cookbook Well Fed. It was in the pages of this sage tome that he discovered it was possible to make healthy mayonnaise. And he did. And it was good. But the preparation process was a bit involved, and he wished to buy it pre-made. So he scoured the interwebs in search of a commercially-available healthy mayo. But alas, he hunted in vain, as no decent mayo was to be found. And he was sad. But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? Inspiration! And he thought to himself:

"Well there are probably enough Paleo people out there that someone should mass produce some mayo . . . I guess I'll just do it. How hard could it be?"

And so began his quest. As all proper hipsters do, he began with Kickstarter. And boy, was direct marketing harder than he had realized. Slowly but surely, the word spread, and the result is the first mass-produced Paleolithic mayonnaise. The first batch was finally produced in October 2015!"

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