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Thai Lemon Curry Gone Nuts! by Living Intentions - 3 oz

Hello, Thailand! The essential flavor balance for any good Thai meal requires equal portions of spicy, fatty, sweet, and salty – and these Thai Lemon Curry Cashews, Almonds & Coconut by Living Intentions are perfectly balanced! Every time you munch on a handful of these snacks, your mouth will be perked up, and that elemental Thai balance of flavors works its magic to make you reach for another handful. The texture is great, too! The nuts and shreds of coconut are perfectly toothsome, and there’s just enough spice and flavor crystallized onto the nuts to let the nutty flavors speak for themselves. There are many snack foods that purport to be “Thai” in taste, but few really fit the bill – so if you’re hankering for that spicy/sweet/fatty/salty blend, look no further!

For the true, true stories behind this incredible foodstuff, read on.

Why your body will love them

Simple organic ingredients, impeccably sourced. So you get all the alive nourishment possible, and no badness whatsoever.

Why raw?

Food in its raw natural state contains essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals compromised during high-heat processing. All in all, raw foods are just plain good for you. The low-heat processing protects and preserves the good stuff.

Why soaked and sprouted?

Soaking and sprouting are ancient techniques, developed by our wise ancestors to make certain foods, like nuts, seeds and grains, more nutritious and easier to digest. These foods evolved chemical defense mechanisms to protect themselves until the proper growing conditions came about — enough moisture to help them burgeon into sprouts. Most nuts, seeds, and grains simply aren’t easily digested unless they’re soaked for a while, to awaken the mechanisms that say, “Hey, time to sprout!” and unleash an amazing series of biochemical transformations. The soaking and sprouting process brings natural resting enzymes to life, increasing bioavailable nutrients. Increased nutrients and live enzymes aid digestion and strengthen the body’s natural healing process, increasing vital energy and wellness. The soaking and sprouting process also minimizes or eliminates nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances such as enzyme inhibitors, phytates (phytic acid), polyphenols (tannins), and goitrogens. We recommend soaking and sprouting any nuts, seeds and grains that you plan to eat (unless someone else has already done it for you). The soak/sprout/dehydration process takes a bit of planning ahead (and a dehydrator), but it’s well worth it for the health benefits it confers. It also makes nuts and seeds taste amazing — extra-buttery and satisfyingly crispy-crunchy.

The Living Intentions story

We love this company. Everything that they make is absolutely mindblowingly delicious. It’s rare to find a company so committed to doing everything right on every level — while focusing first on the most important aspect of food: amazing taste. This is not your hippie grandmother’s nut & seed cluster. This stuff is as good as the junkiest junk food that you love to snack on, but without the junk.

Living Intentions has created a pivotal paradigm shift in the world of healthy eating. Their innovative and nourishing products are designed with purpose and care. Unique blends of exotic ingredients creates Living Intentions’ spectacular culinary difference. There is no compromise here between taste and health.

Check out this video and hear from Joshua McHugh, the founder of Living Intentions, on why he started this conscientious company that creates what might just be the highest quality raw products on the market.

How to eat these

  1. Savor out of the bag.
  2. Sprinkle on morning breakfast
  3. Sprinkle on any salad
  4. Sprinkle on a healthy dessert

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