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Eating Seasonally: Produce

Posted on January 14, 2014 by

I stumbled upon a wonderful site,  the Eat Well Guide  which offers  a wealth of information on seasonal foods and seasonal eating, including a link to maps of what is in season, no matter where you live in North America- since eating seasonally will mean different things for everyone. 

They also make some really solid points: simply, eating seasonal when it comes to your fresh produce purchases means supporting local farmers, supporting your community, and most importantly, fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables. 

For me, eating seasonally immediately makes me think of hearty, roasted squash and savory root veggies during the colder winters, light, zesty fruit and red ripe tomato in the spring into summer, and finally apples of every kind in the crisp fall- as I live in a place that receives 4 distinct seasons.

I also think I naturally cook this way, not only because things are more readily available, but because my body naturally craves them, somehow knows what it needs and when. 


Luckily, many foods are made available year round so you can enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of these even when they aren’t the easiest to find at the produce counter; we keep some delectable products in our dried fruits , veggie snacks, and energy bar sections which will let you enjoy the most amazing berries in the dead of winter, or turkey almond cranberry bar - when Thanksgiving is nowhere near.

This week- I’m feeling pretty chilly, so look for a easy soup recipe or kicked up roasted veggies post soon. 

Have a paleo or primal favorite for a certain time of year? What foods do you tend to gravitate towards depending on the season/your climate?

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