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Coconut oil for all.

Posted on January 21, 2014 by

Coconut and coconut products are coming out left and right- and for good reason.

First off, it was previously misunderstood, but thank goodness it is now being recognized in a good light: its fatty acids can have profound positive effects on health — everything from fat loss and heart health, to better brain function and cholesterol. Not to mention many uses for your hair and skin. For a little further reading, we have a ton of information on coconut oil right here (scroll below the product for MUCH more).


There have been so many exciting things that have come from the more recent popularity boost of coconut oil,  including a vast assortment of coconut goods which have their own category in our store - Coconut Foodstuffs.

This week I’ve been devouring Coco-Roons, these really unique cookie like balls of goodness that are made with only a few organic raw ingredients. They give you the benefits of coconut (contain coconut oil and dried coconut) but also act as a great treat that completely negates any craving you may have for the standard, fake, over processed cookie.

Another unique way to use coconut oil in food is to add it melted to smoothies for an insanely smooth and creamy consistency. Under each of the products in our store, we have lots of information such as how to use, why to use and facts about our incredible vendors who make these  products. Check out this page for more fun coconut oil uses in the kitchen as well as insight on why Nutiva is so great. 


Not only are coconut oil and coconut products good for eating, but also for homemade skin and personal care treatments: Takepart’s blog has a nice list of some ways you can replace other products with it: for example: mix some coconut oil (click to find) with some coconut sugar  for a completely natural body scrub.

Just this morning I took an old plastic container I had laying around, added a few medicine droppers full of my favorite massage oil (made with an assortment of natural oils) and about a half cup of coconut oil and mixed. I’m keeping this on hand (literally) for my cuticles, and hands that crack and peel often in the cold winter. 


Another use for coconut oil which is becoming a little more mainstream as of late is the practice of oil pulling- which is said to help with oral health and treatment of some disease. (see more here)

Whatever you use it for, you really can’t go wrong with coconut and coconut oil. Watch for more because I’ll continue to go in depth into our coconut products and other ways to use coconut in future posts as there are many that deserve great attention.

Now tell me: what do you love coconut oil for? 

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