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Paleo Toast: 6 Ways

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Alyssa Cassidy


Toast is so hot right now. Literally and figuratively. Yes, toast, bread, toasted in a toaster and topped with a plethora of goodies, the most popular being avocado. Toast has become a work of art. There are toast restaurants popping up left and right (pun inentnded.) Toast is totally trending. If you're in doubt see here, here, and here. Oh, and here, for good measure. And now, sweet potato toast (actually sliced sweet potato in place of toast) is becoming a thing, so, we're in. 

Side note- apparently toast was a hit back in the 50's too when toasters became a household item. Google "Retro Toaster Ad' for some giggles including the likes of:

If you're curious, Harissa, a spicy red condiment from northern Africa, and turmeric are also really hot right now. Food trends are a funny thing. Remember when cupcakes and cake pops were the big thing? Glad we've moved on to more sophisticated food trends, y'all.

Back to toast — yes, not something that one would even consider thinking about if you're trying to stick to a mostly paleo diet, but why let the gluten eaters have all the fun?  Grab a few sweet potatoes, or a bag of our Paeoful Bread Mix, or our California Country Gal bread mix, and try these toasts at home, sans gluten. We actually threw a "toast party" when we made all of these and sat around taste testing all 6 of these final recipes, for your enjoyment and voting on which tasted better on which type of "toast." Have a "toast party" of your own and get creative with your favorite toppings.


Toast Base:

For sweet potato toast, slice sweet potatoes lengthwise into thick slices — about 1/2 inch each and soak in water before baking at 400 until slightly crisp and cooked through without being soggy, about, 5 minutes on each side.

For the bread mixes, make according to package and slice.


Toast 1: Bacon, fig, goat cheese and arugula toast.

First we baked the bacon until crisp (it cooks so evenly this way!) We took a handful of dried figs, chopped them up, and boiled them in a tiny bit of water and honey until softened then blended in a food processor into a spreadable paste. We spread the fig paste on the sweet potato and bread slices, which we then sprinkled our crispy bacon and goat cheese over, before topping with a few leaves of peppery arugula.


Toast 2: Avocado, Bacon, and Tomato

Classic, like a BLT sans mayo, add avocado. An ABT if you will. No frills, no avocado rose here. Just mashed avocado topped with crumbled bacon and diced fresh organic tomatoes sprinkled with a little salt and pepper. 


Toast 3: Berbere Spiced Squash with Caramelized Onion and Pistachios

Oh, you fancy, huh? This one is a play on exotic flavors (like Harissa) except I used the delicious Teeny Tiny Spice Ethiopian Berbere to spice up some butternut squash before mashing it. I baked it until soft, added some ghee, spice, and mashed with a fork. I sliced an onion and fried it slow and low until brown and soft, being careful not to burn it, then topped with some crushed pistachios. 


Toast 4: Avocado, with Mango Pico de Gallo and Chocolate Chili

Another simple one to create we mashed some avocado on our toast then topped with an easy mix of diced mango, tomato, onion, peppers, and cilantro, then sprinkled with just a tiny bit of Teeny Tiny Spice's Chocolate Chili Spice for a little kick of heat.


Toast 5:  Curried Chicken Salad

Here's trendy turmeric and toast all in one dish. I chopped up some cooked chicken breast into cubes or shred into strips, then mixed with Primal Mayo before adding a fat pinch of turmeric and then some Teeny Tiny Spice British Curry. Before serving I stirred in some cilantro, green onions, and a few raisins before topping with a few pistachios for color and crunch. 


Toast 6: Jem Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Toast with Strawberries and Coconut

This one was the easiest to create. Slather that bread with Jem Raw's Hazelnut Spread (think Nutella without the junk) then top with fruit. 


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