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Since Barefoot Provisions is pretty new, I want to tell you a...

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Since Barefoot Provisions is pretty new, I want to tell you a little more about our guiding principles and why we do what we do, eat what we eat, and choose what we choose to make available to you through the Barefoot Provisions store. I will post one and go into a little detail each week until all 9 tents are covered.

First up: Our main one! Tattoo this to your bicep.

1. Tap into your genetic heritage to maximize happiness.

Our bodies and minds are the culmination of millions of years of evolutionary history. We are not born as blank slates; we come preprogrammed with a “primal blueprint.” For a happy, rich, fulfilled life, work with it, not against it. For best results, look back more than 10,000 years, before agriculture. Here’s what a life lived today according to our ancestral blueprint includes: connecting with nature, incorporating play into everyday life, exercising regularly, limiting “mediation” (anything involving a screen, unless it’s a door), balancing work and life (ideally doing work that feels like play) getting plenty of sleep, sunlight and deep social connection. 

And I admit, it’s taken many years of eating things I was not meant to eat, to make me see that clearly, this just makes sense. Our bodies aren’t made for processing things that our ancestors wouldn’t have eaten, so why would we try it? Doesn’t it seem like cancer, disease and obesity is at an all time high along with the amount of processed foods we are consuming as a society?

It’s undeniable that our lifestyles are different in modern times and therefore we cannot always do things the way they were done before. Like our “About” section says, we’re not extremists, but believe the more we can do to tap into these older, primal ways of eating, the better off we will be. So this week, instead of grabbing a donut on the way to the office from the gas stain, fuel up with an energy bar that contains only things your body was made to process and put to good use. Skip the candy at the next movie you go see, and bring in some raw cookies (sweetened from dates and other fruits.) I think you’ll quickly find out that not only do these things taste better, but will leave you feeling like the best version of you. 

What have you found to be most helpful in this practice, tapping into how your ancestors lived/ate? I’d love to hear your favorite tip, recipe or quote that goes along with this tenet.

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