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Paleo Eggplant Hummus Dip/Babaganoush

Posted on January 29, 2014 by Alyssa Cassidy

Let’s face it, theres a lot of junk out there. Even “healthy junk.” It’s out there just as much. Luckily, everything in the Barefoot Provisions store has been chosen for a reason. We tasted hundreds and hundreds of products, researched and reviewed companies, and ultimately curated a store that is full of things we believe in. It’s good to be noticed when you’re doing something right, which is why we want to give a shout out to our amazing vendors every once in a while. 

Today I’d like to share a tiny bit about 3 amazing companies that each make incredible, tasty, and worthwhile products. 

1. Rawmio- uses a stone grinding process, to better create their creamy, smooth nut butters. By doing this, the final product has the most silky texture which is sure to please anyone who even remotely likes nut butters. It’s also better than typical grinders which have sharp metal blades that basically rip the nuts to shreds, rather then work them into a creamy pot of deliciousness. They up the ante by adding stuff like coconut sugar (which is a lower glycemic sweetener), and cacao nibs to give some extra crunch.

Rawmio also makes some gorgeous dark chocolate trial mix and superfood bars with RAW chocolate: The benefits of raw chocolate (compared to cooked) include: much higher levels of antioxidants (oligomeric procynanidins, resveratrol and the polyphenols: catechin and epicatechin) as well as the preservation of vitamin C, phenethylamine (PEA, the feel-good neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of love), Omega 6 fatty acids (which when heated become rancid and cause inflammation), tryptophan (a commonly deficient amino acid in those who consume a diet of mostly cooked food) and serotonin (a neurotransmitter that makes us feel goooood.) Read more here about their amazing bars because I really can’t drive these points enough. Thank your body for tolerating years of  eating refined sugar and soy lecithin bars, and treat yourself to a Rawmio one instead.

2. Dastony- uses a stone grinding process as well for their 100% organic natural butters that come in a variety of variations: coconut, pumpkin seed, cashew, almond, hazelnut and sesame. They also have SPROUTED nut butter for a super nutrition kick (makes it easier to digest the nutrients!) Plus, they include only one ingredient- the nut or seed of your choice- no sugar, no oil, no nothin’. This is one case where I’m okay with nothin’. This is the stuff I can eat straight from the jar.

3. Last, but not least: Sunbiotics - even the name sounds pretty glorious. These almonds are lighter and crispier than any almonds you’ve had, plus more nutritious, in ways you probably never even imagined. The light and crispy texture is attained by a magical low-temperature patent-pending freeze-drying process that preserves all the nutritional integrity of the almonds, but makes them so satisfyingly crisp that it’s hard to imagine that they’re still alive. And yet they are — the almonds are soaked and sprouted first, to unlock all their nutritional potential (see below for more on soaking and sprouting), and after they’re specially freeze-dried, they could actually be revived again if soaked (but you probably wouldn’t want to do that, because you’ll want to just eat them up immediately.) We have your favorite flavor available on these unique probiotic almonds like truffle, cheese, and chocolate- but made with the most natural stuff- none artificial. Check out this page for more including a video on why probiotics and how they work.

So there you have it. 3 brands that you need to check out and add into your pantry rotation (if you haven’t already!) Have you tried any of these products before? If so let us know which was your favorite! 

(HEADS UP: We have some awesome products from Rawmio and Sunbiotics in our chocolate section- use code LOVE20CHOCO until Valentine’s day for 20% these items!)

OH! and…

Quick Recipe: Eggplant Hummus Dip/Babaganoush 

I was craving hummus this weekend so I whipped this up in less than 10 minutes prep time.

You’ll need:

  • 1 eggplant (cut into cubes)
  • favorite olive or avocado oil
  • a couple cloves of garlic (i used a whole head, I love garlic)
  • 2 tbsp tahini (Dastony makes an insanely smooth, delicious one)
  • lemon juice
  1. Drizzle the eggplant cubes with oil, about a tbsp or two (specifics don’t matter in this part) then season as you please. I put in a whole head of chopped garlic cloves. 
  2. Roast at 350, increasing to 400 for about 30 minutes or until browned. (will drastically decrease in size!)
  3. After cooling for a few, add the roasted garlic and eggplant in a food processor (I used a little Ninja) and drizzle with about a tbsp (more if you would like a runnier consistency)  of olive oil, a squirt of lemon juice and the 2 tbsp of tahini. 
  4. If you want a thinner dip, add more oil or lemon juice. I personally prefer the chunkiness of the way mine came out.
  5. Enjoy with ANYTHING and everything! I love carrots dipped in this or a spoonful on top of some grilled chicken. 

The picture was taken while I was adding the tahini, and to be honest, no matter how hard I tired, this just doesn’t photograph well. But, do not let that deter you. This will be one of my new regulars.

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