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Last week, I talked about tapping into genetic heritage to...

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Last week, I talked about tapping into genetic heritage to maximize happiness. This week, tenet number 2 of our guiding principles is encouraging us to eat as close to the past as possible. 

As mentioned on last week’s post, we do live in different times, but this step can be as simple as questioning yourself before consuming anything: would my paleolithic ancestors eat this? Chances are, if it has a list of ingredients longer than you can count on your hands, NO! Throw it out. 

Think about things you find naturally and eat those. Find a local meat supplier that has free range, grass fed meat and skip the factory produced, chemically injected kind. Plant a garden or find a local farmers market to more easily avoid chemically treated produce.

This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite things- if your favorite things happen to be sweets or “treats.” Switch from the over processed, filler laden chocolate bars and go for an organic cacao bar enhance with dried fruit and nuts that is actually nutritious. This is such a huge part of Barefoot Provisions: providing things that you WANT to eat, that are made with the stuff you are supposed to eat. The Barefoot team did tons of research (as you can tell by the product description pages, ha!) and tasted hundreds of products so that we could curate an amazing primal/paleo one stop shop that follows these principles.

For more on this topic, see How We Curate. Keep in mind, it’s not about making strict rules and limiting yourself, but instead learning the way so that these things become second nature for you, like it was for humans long before us. 



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