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Paleo Cacao Fudge

Posted on February 06, 2014 by Alyssa Cassidy

Easy peasy… and most likely made with ingredients you have right now..

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Let’s get to it- 

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Paleo Cacao Freezer Fudge -(filled with whatever you want!)

You will need:

You can make this in any form or mold (kinda like the PB&J bites I made where I just poured the mix out on a pan) you can do the same with this, but in a plastic container or lid. I’m not normal one for “cutesy” (see all other food photos in this blog- not cutesy) BUT I do like Valentine’s day and they didn’t sell a mold for a realistic anatomically correct heart so I settled on little, floppy, heart cake/candy mold I found at the grocery store. 

  1. take a big spoonful glob (yes, glob is now a measurement) of coconut oil and put over medium heat in a pan. Guesstimate how much you will need to fill your mold about 2/3 with this amount.
  2. After coconut oil has melted- slowly add in, and stir cacao powder. I have about a tbsp here for a pretty dark cacao color. This is totally up to your preference and how much you want to flavor it. 
  3. I drizzled in some honey and continuously stirred. This (again) is totally up to you. I like sweet, so I put more than the average paleo human might, but I’d say a tsp or 3 for the whole pan would work. (you can leave this out if you can handle raw cacao with no sweetness!) image
  4. The honey will separate a bit so just keep stirring as you pour half the mold full of this mixture. 
  5. Add your filling! I did one with melted coconut butter and coconut flakes, another with chocolate chili spice, some with sunflower seeds, and some with cranberries and seeds. Fill almost to the top of your mold. (if just doing a plastic container, you can put as much as you want, as they will stick out anyways!)
  6. Pour more of the cacao mix in the mold until filled.image
  7. CAREFULLY move your mold onto a plate and freeze for about an hour.
  8. Eat up! These will melt easily, so keep in the fridge or freezer until ready to eat.image

What are you going to put in yours? A lot of sites have the same type of recipe but add a bit of coconut milk or nut butter. These are both tasty ways to enhance your “fudge” but sometimes I like to see how few ingredients I can use to make something delicious! 

Give this a try for a fun, quick treat that will give you room to be creative a get a bit messy in the kitchen. (Remember, we need more PLAY in our lives!)

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