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Time to Unplug and Disconnect

Posted on February 13, 2014 by Hilary Bromberg



We are living in a fast paced, hyper-connected world. One where it’s easier to send off a thousand texts with someone, rather than pick up the phone for a short call, so that you can continue working on a million other things simultaneously.

Going back to our Tenet no. 3, which discusses making a shift in our lives, not just our diets, and the Tony Federico article I posted yesterday, make me think much further into my communication with others and my literal connectedness with the world I’m living in. I realize I am more reliant on technology, digital communication, and virtual worlds, when I need to making sure I focus on real life communication and existance as well. 

Being that this week is Valentine’s Day week, a week where we are prone to visibly showing our loved ones that we care, I thought it would be nice to share some articles which give some helpful tips on disconnecting and engaging in better communication with those around you, not only for your own benefit (hello, productivity and solace) but also for strengthening your relationships with others. I love to give gifts from the heart, but this week I want to also focus on gifts that can benefit these relationships for a long time to come.
The first list, from Inc., gives some great tips for communicationg better with others in general and also some communication tips that can help in your profssional life as well: 8 Ways to Improve Your Communication Right Now 
  1. Personal Favorite: Ask questions and make eye contact. gives some “unconventional habits” that can help de-clutter your life, which will in turn help you to focus better and create more time for unplugging: Distraction-Less. 
  1. Extra-noteworthy tip from this list: establish a healthy morning routine. I cannot stress the importance of this one enough! 
Lastly, gives a beautiful narrative of his personal disconnections and connections as well as more helpful tips and benefits of doing so yourself- the Beauty of Disconnection.
I would love to hear other ways you unplug and disconnect so that you may reconnect with other things. Please share your tips in a comment!

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