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Smoothie Bowls, Mush Bowls, Breakfast Bowls - oh my.

Posted on February 16, 2014 by Alyssa Cassidy

IntotheGloss discusses in a resoltions article to "Make Decorated Mush." And while this sounds off-putting, I’m totally into it and see it happening all over the internet, specifically Instagram and Pinterest. The two below are from Instagrammer’s I follow who do an awesome job of concocting these delicious and gorgeous bowls:



Basically, people love food porn. And, well, healthier people love healthy food porn. It seems no one quite knows where this trend began, but it’s a tasty one that I don’t mind seeing for a while to come: mush bowls. Mush bowls, smoothie bowls, breakfast bowls- are usually a base of cereal (chia seeds, or a thick smoothie for the paleo people out there) topped with an assortment of superfoods, nut butters, fruit, seeds, honey, you name it. And there are some talented folks out there.

Every time I feel ambitious about making one, my toppings end up sinking to the bottom or my superfood powder turns the whole thing a grayish, almond color- nevertheless, they always taste amazing, and having the sweet tooth that I do, can tide me over and keep me away from baking too many cookies. 

A simple example of this is the Lucuma Chia Pudding I made for the blog earlier this week. 

I’ve also been keeping frozen chopped bananas in the freezer, throwing them along with some almond milk, and berries into a blender for a yogurt like dessert and topping with GoRaw’s granola and coconut flakesimage

I also am eager to wake up in the morning so I can pour a mug of almond milk and throw in a few tablespoons of chia seed or Holy Crap cereal (I like to refrigerate for about an hour for the chia to expand) and see how creative I can get with the toppings. 


(see, all my ingredients are sinking!)

Some great additions I have been working into my smoothie bowls include spirulina crunchies (these are so insanely healthy, you can read more here) lucuma powder, and of course cacao powder. image

Acai, goji berries, and incan berries are some other tasty additions you could work into your own bowls. 

I leave you with a delicious recipe I can’t wait to try, from Sunfoods’ site: Raspberry Lucuma Smoothie - I would thicken a bit and sprinkle some coconut and a few cacao nibs on top to make a delicious “mush bowl” 


Share your bowls with us! Instagram: BarefootProvisions or post in a comment here.

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