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This tenet really relates to tenet 4 well —we are human. If we...

Posted on March 04, 2014 by Shopify API

This tenet really relates to tenet 4 well —we are human. If we set up rules that are too strict, we are eventually going to make ourselves miserable. 

Orthorexia sufferers are often obsessed and fixated with only consuming health foods or pure foods — which seems great on the surcace (we love healthy natural foods!) but when you begin restricting to a point where your food list becomes gravely short and your life revolves around only eating pure “perfect foods”, you won’t have time to focus on the other important aspects of a healthy primal life such as play and social connection — which greatly affects your mental and emotional state. 

Coming from a long history of diets, odd eating patterns, and possibly bouts of orthorexia, I can attest that the above is true! Fixation on a diet can consume you whole and pull you out of the moment as well, as eventually take all the love and joy out of food. A paleo/primal diet has felt the least restrictive to me, as I consider the great variety of foods that are all amazing for me that are included. 

Follow general good food rules, find what works best for you, eat natural and consume any food offered to you in good intent with gratitude — a bowl of my dad’s famous beef stew that has a few white potatoes that aren’t organic in it shouldn’t throw me into a food fit. A plate of pasta from my friend’s Italian grandmother should be a moment of joy, not panic and rejection. After all, modern primal living isn’t all or nothing — remember, everyone is on their own path.

Read a detailed account of orthorexic behavior in this recently published  LA Times article .

This week, make sure you take some time to enjoy your food, appreciate the awesome nutritional qualities it offers and realize that you’re doing great. You don’t want cause yourself emotional stress over food- that just counteracts all the work you are doing on your overall wellbeing.

Don’t fret or restrict if a food that makes you a little uncomfortable is encountered: enjoy it, take a deep breath, catch some sun rays or go take a barefoot stroll. I promise you will feel just fine. 

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