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Featured favorite producer: The Kale Joy story, in their own words

Posted on March 06, 2014 by Marty McDonald

Our story begins when Laurie Joy had an epiphany—the kind of food she put in her body mattered. As a cancer survivor who’d just endured surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, Laurie realized her body was going to be making a lot of new cells. She wanted every single one to be healthy. Little did she know, that simple but powerful idea was the seed of a new beginning.

Determined not to let another day go by without understanding how food affected her body, she and longtime friend Ann Christensen enrolled in a Nutritional Therapy Certification Program. At the same time, Laurie took “uncooking” classes on raw food. Something clicked. She headed straight to her kitchen and weeks later she was selling her homemade raw products at a nearby food Co-op in Portland, Oregon.

Soon she noticed an empty spot on the shelves. Where were the healthy savory snacks? You know, the kind of thing you’d reach for when you craved a potato chip but wanted to feel good afterwards. Before she knew it, she had developed a kale chip tossed in a tasty mixture of herbs, spices, juices, nuts, and seeds—a snack loaded with vitamins A, C, and K, not to mention plenty of minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Ann, a business-minded CPA, tasted the magic when she stepped into Laurie’s tiny kitchen, which was crammed with food dehydrators. Laurie and Ann decided to join forces. Freshly Wild Super Foods was born.

Laurie and Ann went on to make thousands of batches of kale chips, which they named Kale Joy after Laurie Joy of course, but also for the feeling these scrumptious and nutritious snacks inspire. They shared Kale Joy with friends, co-workers, neighbors, farmers, chefs, winemakers, yoginis, and parents. Local stores couldn’t keep the chips in stock. Everyone wanted more, including Laurie and Ann’s kids, the truest testament that they were making the ultimate veggie snack.

Today’s Kale Joy is the same completely natural, handcrafted product that came from that tiny kitchen. Because we believe it’s just as important to take care of the planet as it is to take care of you, each batch is carefully dehydrated using 100% renewable wind energy.

All of us at Freshly Wild Super Foods are proud/delighted/excited/happy to share this wildly crunchy, tangy, salty, and sweet snack with you. We hope you enjoy eating Kale Joy as much we enjoy making them. DIG IN, GO WILD!

Laurie Joy and Ann

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