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Posted on March 06, 2014 by Jason Merkoski

Well, we officially launched the Barefoot site. That was sorta' big. After a very productive beta period, we kicked it into high gear and presented Barefoot Provisions to the world. And it was waiting, it seems. We found an eager audience who wanted clean, unindustrialized foodstuffs. We found an eager tribe of food lovers, and a community of primal, paleo, ancestral food fanatics who were happy to have a new outlet for well-curated snacks, kitchen essentials, treats and more.

And while that's kept us busier than ever, we still found time to be outdoors, have fun and stay active and happy. We recently traveled to the Methow Valley near Okanagan in Washington State for lots of nordic skiing. We completed one gargantuan 30K ski that started at 2pm, and finished in the dark, without headlamps! The community trail from Mazama to Twisp is one of the most beautiful trails you'll ever find yourself on and we highly recommend putting it on your "must-visit-while-you-live" list. Thankfully, we had groomed tracks to guide us home to braised lamb shanks(with Teeny Tiny Chocolate Chili spice blend, of course).

We attended the Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco to stay tuned into the latest conversations and research on the how social and digital mediation is fracturing our brains, our souls, our workplaces and our communities. Thought leaders from technology and social psychology grappled with how to counter and balance this tense, rapidly developing (some would say, devolving) dynamic. And while we were in the great foodie mecca of SF, we sampled the fine fares at State Bird Provisions, Lers Ros, Mission Chinese, and many a fine coffee and chocolate shop. Foodstuffs were everywhere, tempting, taunting, and teasing. So...we indulged.

Check out our favorite latest kaleidoscopic instagram from Market street and the warm primal flame of Sightglass.

We had a super-spicy time at the National Fiery Food show in Albuquerque, where Jason met an extremely cool pepper, and we sampled hundreds of products. Outcome: we discovered the best primal hot sauce on the planet. Its identity will remain under wraps for now, but suffice it to say that you'll be putting in on everything. And eating it by the spoonful.

That's it for now. Next time, you'll be hearing all about our exploits at the mega food show Expo West in Anaheim, CA (where we're scouting for the latest, greatest primal foodstuffs), the coolest permaculture conference around(with Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin), and...we are so excited for, Paleo(F)x in Austin, Tejas! Until then, enjoy the primal life and go barefoot!



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