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Paleo Collard Greens Burrito

Posted on May 15, 2014 by Alyssa Cassidy

I could go on and on about the quality, taste, and complex flavors that Teeny Tiny Spice Co. brings to every dish I use it in, but instead I will show you another way I like to use it. 

Coat a chicken breast in your choice of spice mixes. I LOVE this spicy, organic chocolate chili, especially in tex mex or latin american dishes. 


Preheat over to 315- and cover the bottom of an oven safe pot with lid or dutch oven with about a cup of diced tomato (I used canned organic)

imagePlace the chicken in, top with more tomato, and cover chicken with it. 

Put a lid on the pot and bake for an hour at 315.

Carefully remove, flip chicken breasts, and pull apart with forks, if tender. Move around chicken, cover with sauce/tomato and lid again and bake at 350 for another hour. 

Meanwhile, get some collard green leaves, remove the stems, and trim the thick stem that remains in the middle. image

I also grated some cauliflower, and mixed with cilantro, salt and pepper, made some guacamole, and crushed some plantain chips. 

Once chicken is finished, shred well and drain all liquid. 

Place a line of cauliflower vertically on collard leaf. Then, a line of chicken, followed by some guacamole, and topped with a few plantain chips.


imageTo wrap:

imageFold the leaf closest to you up to the center.

imageNow fold the top one over that, holding in the middle.

imageTightly pull the right leaf over these two.

imageNow tightly roll.

Slice, and enjoy.







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