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Paleo f(x) Wrap Up: Thank you Austin!

Posted on May 13, 2014 by Marty McDonald


A little over a week ago, the whole Barefoot Provisions team set out for the one and only Paleo f(x) conference, in Austin, Texas. Having just launched in January, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create a cool, fun booth and introduce people to the team and our fabulous products with lots and lots of free samples. Let me tell you, we have some pretty awesome vendors who sent us tons of sample sized goodies to pass out and keep conference goers full and happy during the long days of insightful lectures, panels, demos, and activities. It was truly an incredible time.

This was our first big conference: Our booth concept was thanks to Marty and Hilary, who went out into rural Texas to find the furniture, decor, and textiles that made up our old-time-y 1880s general store meets primitive landscape theme. They rented all the decor from a cool prop guy they tracked down who rents props for all the big movies coming out of austin and central texas (the coolest place ever We loaded in on Thursday and got everything ready to go for the crowd, including HUNDREDS of pounds of food which we sampled and gave out all day, every day during the conference. Check out some of the delicious foods we shared below. It was a great way to get to know people stopping by our booth, because as we all know, the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, right? ;)

Awesome new friends: We met hundreds, maybe thousands of new people. Some stopped by for a treat and kept moving, while others stayed and chatted a bit(or “visited” as they say in Tejas). We heard inspiring personal success stories, stories of food and health struggles, and shared in just plain great conversation overall with lots of laughs amongst new friends. People came from all over the country, some even from other countries, each with their own story. To say the energy at this event was inspiring would be drastically understated. From some of our favorite food bloggers, to chefs, authors, students, mothers, athletes, and everything in between — there were all kinds of interesting folks who we were very lucky to get to meet. Recognize any of these guys?


Amazing talks, panels, demos and workshops: Paleo is in such a fascinating place right now. The conversation is ever-broadening beyond diet, and an incredible group of presenters explored topics as diverse as self-reliance, happiness, life-hacking and shamanism. Our only disappointment was that we couldn’t hear every talk, because there were so many amazing presentations happening all at once. Fortunately, the entire conference was being recorded, and you’ll be able to hear it all, once the video content is available. (We’ll let you know as soon as it is!) We know we’ll be obsessively catching up on everything we missed. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek video of a talk by Hilary, Barefoot Provisions founder: How do we get out of this modern mess? Primality and the Sustainability Revolution, as well as some excerpts from a panel she was on, all about happiness and intentionality. Oh, and we were happy to be able to take a little time from the booth to participate in one of The Fitness Explorer’s life-changing primal play sessions. Check out some video here from the 2012 conference — Darryl is doing some amazing work/play!

And, of course, the food: Austin has it covered when it comes to food. So much farm-to-table action going on here, which we loved. As well as meat, Austin really knows their meat. Each evening after the conference, the Barefoot crew was giddy for dinner — barbecue, butter coffee, grass-fed ice cream, Salty Sow pork belly, chicken thighs and deviled eggs, Brown’s salty chili-rubbed brisket, and Taco Deil’s ur breakfast tacos (with or without corn tortillas) to name some of the delicious fare we enjoyed during our trip. 


And there you have it! A great week in Austin, surrounded by inspiring people, delicious food, and lots of learning. Check out the Facebook photo album to see more pictures of our adventure.

Hope to meet you there next year! 

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