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Tenet 7: Health food isn’t healthy if it doesn’t taste good + a peek of our weekend at ExpoWest!

Posted on March 13, 2014 by Alyssa Cassidy

How many times have you left the store with a box or package of a new healthy “treat” or food item, took a monstrous bite, anticipating a flavor explosion, but were left with a mouth full of disappointment- the farthest cry from your expectation? Personally, more than a few times. 

Barefoot Provisions isn’t here to just provide foods that are suitable for a primal or paleo diet- that’s simple. We are foodies. We love flavor, texture, and excitement in our food. We think that a primal diet lends to a plethora of delicious foods and ingredients for us to enjoy, so we think you should find those awesome qualities in everything we carry. The people who make our food do things a little differently too, which is evident upon consumption- there’s that extra bit of “umph” in every bite.

There is nothing worse than being around someone who is on the old school “diet”- drinking chemical laiden bottled meal replacements, forcing themselves to eat stuff they hate, all the while drooling over the food being eaten all around them. Don’t be that person force feeding themselves boring, flavorless “diet” food. Instead, eat real food. Eat food that makes you excited about food, whose properties just so happen to be healthy, nourishing, and helpful in getting your body to its natural, happy place. 

We hope we can help you celebrate the bounty of nature, and the sheer bliss of experiencing the amazing tastes it offers. 
This past weekend was Natural Products Expo West, or #expowest, in Anaheim, CA. It was exciting to see all these companies striving to change the old school stigma associated with “health food.” We were there to make sure and scout out the newest and best in paleo and primal options. Have a look below at some shots of our fun weekend-
Above: Hilary and Marty from Barefoot with Taylor from Epic Bar
Below: with Adam from Windy City Organics, the people behind some of the tastiest nut butters, almonds, and chocolates 
Rebranding from our friends at Essential Living Foods- looks awesome.

Heavenly Organics- the tasty mint patties we can’t get enough of- with some new product coming soon- coconut and peanut butter patties.


What a great weekend- can’t wait for next year! 

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