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Paleo Cherimoya Banana Coconut Smoothie

Posted on July 24, 2014 by Alyssa Cassidy


Just the other day, an image on Pinterest which lead to an article, caught my eye. It was all about the cherimoya fruit. (original article here)

I was intrigued, and wanted to try it immediately (forgetting if I had eaten them in the past) and immediately began to think of what to use it in. 

The info-graphic/image posted with the article (below) gives a nice bit of info about the benefits of cherimoya. I ended up finding them at a local grocery- from California, not South America, which was nice as it didn’t have to travel as far.


After letting it sit for a week or so, we sliced it open. 



It’s filled, in random fashion, with these big dark seeds, heavier in some areas than others. I spooned out the soft, mango-like flesh and removed the seeds and peel. Below is what I was left with. 

To me the taste was very mild, definitely tropical, and pretty delicious.


I decided to turn this into a smoothie- which ended up coming out perfectly tropical, creamy, and full of all natural goodness. 


I threw the following ingredients into a blender: (click to find ingredients)


After mixing, I topped with a few chia seeds and more coconut. 


Drinking this feels a bit like laying on a beach somewhere, under a palm tree. That may be an exaggeration, but nonetheless- this is a must try if you like the flavors of the tropics.


Have you tried cherimoya?

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