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Primal Salted Carmel Apples

Posted on November 04, 2014 by Alyssa Cassidy

One of my big SAD (Standard American Diet) fall vices were always caramel apples. Not candied apples, always caramel. Hilary's primal salted caramel recipe sparked this great little combo and I knew it would be perfect to share, especially around this time of the year.

First, start by making a primal salted caramel. Soak 6 big dates, pitted, in some water for a few hours. I had small dates, so I did 12 instead. I left mine too long accidentally a couple of times, and the result was still great.

After a few hours, dump most of the water out, add the dates to a food processor and give it a whirl. Now add 1 to 2 tbsp of Essential Living Foods mesquite powder to the food processor and some Real Salt (to taste). I used about a tablespoon of mesquite and a few shakes of Real Salt. Now blend until mixed well and completely pureed. 

Store this stuff in a jar and use for just about anything. 

I took a bit fat scoop of it and plopped it on top of a small red apple, using a spoon to spread it down the sides a bit. 

Next I took some almonds, crushed them in a food processor, and sprinkled to cover my caramel. You can stick a wooden stick through it, or go at it totally primal style with just your hands. 


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