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So we're on a "business" trip to Zurich, Switzerland, and the Piedmont region of Italy. No seriously, it's business. Because we do lots of food product development in our work, we have to take these grueling trips to work on certain products that we're developing :-) And another important part of our work at Barefoot is food discovery. Since we're always looking to bring new, unique and exciting paleo products to our Barefooters, we have to keep our eyes open and our frequent flier miles on the rise.

This trip was primarily arranged to visit a chocolate factory in Zurich that we work with to create incredible chocolate products. Visions of Willy Wonka swirled in our heads, and the melting chocolate swirled before us as we watched incredible things being done to the cacao bean before our very eyes.

Of course, in our travels, we couldn't divert our chocolate-centric eyes away from all the wondrous European paleo treats that surrounded us.

Everywhere we went, there were clear indicators of the old world—perhaps not "paleolithic" old—which helped put things into perspective a little.

As we travel, our inner cultural anthropologist's radar is always on, and we couldn't help but notice the indicators of the edges.

And then, there was just plain touring, like up the steep cable car to the top of Mount Pilatus in Lucerne.

A non-paleo sign a-beckoning in old Lucerne.

Much research was done.

And to close, the view of the Alps in postcard-perfect Lucerne.

Next week, the journal continues from Slow Food in Turin, Italy.


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