What a year!

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Wow. That's about all we can say. And thanks. Because without all of you, we wouldn't still be humming and having fun and eating our way through life. We're looking forward to another great year in 2015. Here's a brief snapshot of some of the highlights for us in 2014.

Paleo(f)x was awesome—so many cool, smart people, and such a strong and healthy community

Hilary on stage

In San Francisco, we had a great meal at State Bird Provisions with Michelle Tam and Henry Fong, and were the proud recipients of Nom Nom schwag

Reviewing our new collateral for Barefoot boxes. Nothing like Lascaux and Thoreau to take us back to the visceral primality of our earlier selves

Our many trips to Los Angeles involve recurring visits to Night+Market, the best Thai food in the US right now

Jason showing his chili style at The Spicy Foods Show in New Mexico

Barefoot in LA

In Seattle for Chris Kresser's Your Personal Paleo Code book launch tour

Jason's WOD today consisted of helping move our warehouse from New York into our new digs in New Mexico

The circus that is Expo West in Anaheim, California. We love it, and so many Barefoot friends. This in one place where we find new interesting things to carry

One of our Nordic ski outings with Barefoot impression

Couldn't resist the media conversations going on in 2014 that are pertinent to what we care about at Barefoot

A rare outdoor moment to relax at the 2014 National Permaculture Conference in Temecula

Marty with shipment

We always love visiting LA, even if we're happy to leave when we do:-)

Checking in at the awesome Esalon in northern california

Primality manifest in true barefoot form

Loved loved loved seeing Wholefoods take on a dedicated paleo offering co-branded with Michelle Tam(even if we sell them for less:-)

Nothing at all like late summer evening on the lake —in Northern Vermont

Truffle fries and a "Worthy Burger" indeed — a rec from Melissa Joulwan

Good times were had at AHS in Berkeley

hittin' the Berkeley trails in earthrunners

The barefoot Bison bar—one of our faves

Meat was had along the way—this, Jack's, a happy new discovery in Seattle, comparable to Franklin's in Austin

Shooting videos in Santa Fe for the Barefoot site launch

There was much sampling, and great discoveries, like this one...coming soon

Our visit with Matt Pierce of Primal Pacs, in Seattle

We partnered with the awesome folks over at Paleo Magazine

Organizing for a photo shoot

Our photo master, Aaron, at work

We ate what we shot

We were barefoot along the way often, this time outside of Nashville

Exciting new products came to the site, and were promptly bought en masse

One of our fuel sources, along with adrenline

We tested out a new dehydrator and made beautiful things

Like nectarines, and apricots and peaches and apples and pears, and...of course, jerky!!

Work brought us to Zurich, Lucerne, and Italy, culminating at SlowFood in Turin

And then we traveled to Turkey in search of kebabs and mosques

Oh, did we mention that we launched Barefoot in January of 2014!

Yep, it's been a wild ride and we're just getting started! Here's wishing our good friends, old and new, as well as our fabulous customers that believe in what we're trying to do here, a really incredible new year for 2015. Let's make great things happen together.






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