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Keeping Austin Weird - We're MOVING!

Posted on January 22, 2015 by Alyssa Cassidy

We have some super exciting news on the Barefoot headquarters front- we're making a move to AUSTIN, TX! We love everything about Austin- not only is it the home of the awesome Paleo f(x) Conference every spring, but year round, Austin is a great foodie city, with new restaurants popping up left and right, a plethora of farmers markets every week, actual farms within a short drive, 100% paleo cafes and a wonderful primal community. We couldn't think of a better place to set up our new home base, so we're putting ourselves smack dab in the middle of it. 

This weekend, Hilary and Alyssa flew down to search for our new digs. We found a place, but more importantly, ate our way through the city in a few short days. Check out the sights (and noms) from our 48 hour Austin getaway. 

Upon arrival, we made our way to East Side King (not paleo but we could appreciate the use of delicious ingredients like pork belly, fried chicken thighs, beet fries and kimchi.) 

(we skipped the rice and went straight for the chicken thighs and pickled radish topping)

We stopped in Wheatsville Co-op for some fruit to keep on hand for the weekend and found that the world is really grabbing hold of Paleo. They had an entire section of paleo friendly foods (it's gone mainstream y'all!) 

We also found ourselves in kombucha heaven

The next couple of days were spent looking for Barefoot HQ spaces with our awesome realtor, but we popped in every farmers market we could find. 

First the SFC Farmers Market, downtown where we found 'booch on tap, raw chocolate, MARROW BUTTER, and so many things, that we need much more than a weekend to try them all.

(truth or what?!)

Next we hit up Mueller's Farmers Market and the Hope Farmers Market where we had some pickled watermelon radish, delicious hemp butter, and saw some (huge) fresh produce that we can't wait to cook with once we're all set up! 

Finally, we couldn't leave Austin without BBQ and without stopping by LICK ice cream, where you'll find seasonal flavors, made from grass-fed milk, and coconut milk. I went for the coconut milk Avocado Curd and Coconut Chai Chia (INSANE!) 

And with that, we said goodbye to our new friends (the neighborhood hens,) and jetted off until our next arrival (coming up soon!) where will be fully functioning out of our new home base. We can't wait to see what all Austin has in store for us, and we hope that you local folks will show us new kids around- we can't wait to meet y'all!



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