Austin Move - We Made It!

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I sit here typing this post from our new neighborhood coffee shop, finishing up a breakfast taco bowl (egg, bacon, avocado- sans tortilla) and staring out the window as the sun comes up in a blue sky. We have made it to Austin, y'all! 

We lugged a huge truckload-full of our products and office needs from New Mexico last week and we quickly set up shop in the Live Music Capital of the World, Bat City, Waterloo, Hippie Heaven- whatever you want to call ATX.

Between sending out lots of new orders (including a TON of our Valentine's Day Love Box,) we hit up the markets, taco trucks, barbecues, and parks. And our tour of the town wouldn't be complete without a trip to the EPIC Bar offices, or Picnik- Naomi is great, a must do in Austin!

We're excited for Paleo f(x) coming up in April, and can't wait to meet all of you that are coming. We hope you will enjoy our new city as much as we do!

For our friends in Austin, we have exciting news! You can now choose local pickup as an option instead of shipping! Just send us a note with your order, containing your name and email address and we will email you to coordinate a meeting point where we will personally bring you order- simple as that! 

Check out a week in the life, below, and be sure to visit soon! 


The first order being packed from our new warehouse! 

And lots going out to some lucky shoppers

Delicious soup at Picnik-

Fun at the EPIC Bar offices

Finally, of course we had to work some.... this is how Barefoot does meetings, over jerky (rough life!!) 


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