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Chard Chips

Posted on July 19, 2015 by Alyssa Cassidy

I have great aspirations when I go to the farmer's market. Here in Austin, there is no shortage of amazing vendors at each one, up to 6 markets happen each weekend. Each stall is filled with produce, local honey, pastured eggs, grass fed beef, kombucha, mead, you name it. 

My favorite booth is always the produce heavy one. I go in and my eyes wide, like a kid on Christmas morning. I tell myself I need to eat more greens this week, so I go for one of everything green. This week I picked up some rainbow chard, and sadly it sat in my fridge waiting to be picked for dinner. It slightly wilted, so I finally gave in and pulled it out for it's chance to shine. 

I had picked up some local hummus (not completely paleo, due to the chickpeas, but I can enjoy it from time to time without any complications. The reason I picked this one was because it was made with olive oil, unlike many store bought brands which use canola or vegetable oil.)  and was tired of dipping my carrots in it. I decided the fate of this chard was going to be a crispy, flavorful chip- perfect for dipping, or crunching completely alone. 

Chard is a nutritional powerhouse - one cup of cooked Swiss chard provides approximately 716% of vitamin K needs, 214% of vitamin A, 53% of vitamin C, 38% of magnesium, 29% of manganese, 27% of potassium, 22% of iron, 17% of vitamin E. (thanks,!) 

First, I rinsed and roughly chopped my chard, removing most of the stems (which you can sautee separately and enjoy on its own!) Next I took a tablespoon of Nutiva coconut oil and melted on low. 

In a large bowl, I tossed the chard with the melted Nutiva coconut oil, massaging to cover each piece. Next, I sprinkled a little Real Salt, some nutritional yeast, and cumin. This combo gave my chips a slightly taco/nacho flavor, but you could use any of your favorite spices or herbs to create your own combinations. I massaged and mixed well, being sure to cover each leaf in some of the goodness.

Next I scattered my chard across a baking sheet and put in the oven at 300 degrees. After 15 minutes I checked my chips and pulled out any pieces that were crisp and ready to be pulled out. The remaining, slightly soggy chard, was flipped and put back in, cooked until each piece was crispy. 

These were delicious and I admit, I ate an entire bunch of chard in just 2 settings. I will no longer fight the chard and let it sit in the bottom of my produce bin, as I now have a new favorite homemade chip for it. 

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