Truffled Brussels

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Nothing fancy here, just simple veggies at their best, cooked in my favorite fat, and sprinkled with some probiotic infused Truffle Almonds by Sunbiotics

A bit about these almonds: "Sunbiotics almonds are lighter and crispier than any almonds you’ve ever had, and way more nutritious, in ways you probably never even imagined. Raw, organic almonds are soaked, sprouted, and then generously coated in organic truffle salt and a potent probiotic blend. Low temperature drying is used to increase crunchiness and preserve nutrients. You can’t taste the probiotics, but they benefit every system in the body. You can, however, taste the wonderful truffle-y goodness as their unique and sublime texture beckons you to crunch another and another and another…."


Ready to try these crunchy, crispy, brussels for yourself?

Grab a bunch of brussels sprouts, clean well, then dice with a sharp knife. Melt one tablespoon or so of Pure Indian Foods ghee in a large frying pan and heat on high. Toss in sprouts and let cook until slightly crisp and browning. To up the ante, chop some bacon, and fry with the sprouts. 

To liven up my favorite veggie dish, I grabbed a pack of these truffle almonds, and lightly beat with a wooden spoon, while still unopened, as my sprouts cooked to a soft consistency and slightly browned outer leaf.

Right before serving, toss the almonds into the sprouts, and mix well. Don't cook the almonds, as you will want to keep the awesome nutrients in them, and cooking may hinder those properties. 

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