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Where are the pilis?

Posted on May 15, 2015 by Hilary Bromberg

You probably know that pili nuts are insanely delicious, like freeze-dried butter that tender-crispily melts in your mouth and makes your tastebuds sing for joy. You might know that they're extremely nutrient-dense because they're grown in rich volcanic soil in the Philippines. But perhaps you didn't know that our partners in the Philippines search far and wide for the highest-quality pilis available. And that there were several massive typhoons in our growing regions in the Philippines that nearly obliterated last year's crops. Yes, it's true. Pili trees are notoriously hardy, and even thrive in extreme storm conditions. But the typhoons of recent years are unprecedented in their strength, and this is causing massive destruction and loss of human lives and livelihoods. Pili nuts are the least of the casualties. 

Climate change may not be in your backyard right now, if you live in the US. But it's affecting millions of people worldwide. And many crops, including our beloved pilis, have experienced incredible disruption. We're hopeful that we can bring pilis back by autumn of 2015, and we'll keep you posted about developments. We hope to bring them back as soon as possible — not only because we are completely in love with these wonderful nuts, but because our pilis are directly traded (which is way better than fair trade for our partners in the Philippines), and help to provide livelihood for people who are now living in a very fragile ecosystem. 

It's easy to forget about the fragility of our world, when we're living in a pocket of abundance, with seemingly unlimited resources. While we miss our pilis, we welcome this reminder that our planet is way off kilter right now. If you're reading this, please do everything you can on a personal and political level to staunch the bleeding, to lessen the impact of climate change. This is about much more than year-round access to specialty foods — it's about surviving as a species on a rapidly-heating planet.



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