4 Ingredient Paleo Parfait

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4 Ingredient Paleo Parfait

If you know me, you know I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone ever. Maybe quite literally. I'm always looking for fun new paleo desserts and am even happier when I create one that's not super high in added sugars. 

When we first received these Copper Cup Turmeric Latte Mix Packets, I knew a cup of warming, anti-inflammatory (thanks to turmeric and black pepper, all already mixed in/fat soluble with the good fats from coconut milk powder) tea was a no-brainer, but what else could I create with this little packet of paleo magic? I automatically go to dessert. I had recently been obsessed with this non-dairy almond yogurt so I married the two for a simple treat.  

For this simple paleo parfait, you'll need

Serves 1-2

1 cup yogurt of choice (I like a slightly sweetened non-dairy one, available at the grocery store)

2 Tbsp chia seeds

1/2 Cup nut milk or water

1 packet Copper Cup Latte Mix


1. Begin by adding chia seeds, nut milk or water, and latte mix to a jar with a lid. Shake to combine and refrigerate for a few hours, stirring and shaking occasionally to create a chia pudding. 

2. When ready to serve, layer yogurt with chia pudding to create 4 separate layers.

3. Top with granola of choice or enjoy as is. 


Quite possibly the easiest dessert you'll make, but it's delicious, full of good stuff from the spices, and will fulfill that sweet treat craving. Enjoy!

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