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3 Ingredient Paleo Caramel Sea Salt Chews

Posted on September 11, 2015 by Alyssa Cassidy

I made these on a whim, and wasn't planning on creating an actual recipe until I tired them. And ate the entire batch! Needless to say there was only time for one iPhone photo before these were gone. 

I see people incorporating more fat into their diets left and right. My favorite fat to use lately is Pure Indian Foods ghee, especially for sweets. The rich, nutty, buttery flavor lends itself well to decadent desserts and particularly perfect for this little fat bomb.

This is not just great because it's tasty, but the addition of Organic Gemini's TigerNut flour adds a punch of prebiotics and fiber- win, win!

To make these chewy caramel treats you will need:

1/4 cup Organic Gemini's TigerNut Flour

1.5 tbsp Lovebean Sea Salt Caramel Spread

1 tbsp Pure Indian Foods Grass-Fed Ghee

In a small pan, melt the ghee, and stir in the Sea Salt Caramel spread. Slowly add in the TigerNut flour and mix well. The mixture should be thick, not as thick as a dough, but runny thick like a cake batter.

Spoon into a small candy mold (I use a silicon candy mold for easy release) and freeze for a couple of hours. Pop them out when set and enjoy! 


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