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Paleo Malaysian Dessert Roti

Posted on September 22, 2015 by Alyssa Cassidy

Hilary and I were chatting about Tin Star Foods amazing Brown Butter ghee and all the amazing things it could be used for. We already love roasting veggies in it, adding it to our coffee, and eating it with a spoon (straight from the jar), but the depth and flavor of this stuff almost has a toffee, caramel-like flavor, that lends itself so well to desserts. 

She began fantasizing about this roti she had in Malaysia. She said it was filled with sweet and salty nuts, chewy, but flakey, and began texting me pictures of this amazing cocoction she still dreamed of. I was sold. I looked up traditional roti recipes and began to create this paleo version, based on that.

Makes 2 pastries.

For this Paleo Dessert Roti, you will need:

1/4 cup + 1-2 tbsp Otto's Cassava Flour (alternatively, deduct the 1-2 tbsp and add 1 tbsp tapioca flour- my original trial used this instead and I did prefer it over the Cassava Flour only version)

1/4 cup water

1 pinch Real Salt

1-2 tbsp ghee (more for kneading and frying)


For the filling:

1 tbsp nut butter for filling (I used Cashew Butter)

2 tsp Brown Butter Ghee

2 tsp honey

pinch of salt

Optional: chopped nuts for more texture. 

First I took Otto's Cassava flour and added 1/4 cup of water that I had mixed some salt into, 1-2 tablespoons of melted ghee, and combined in a small bowl. Mix well with a fork, then with your hands form a ball. Start with 1 tbsp of melted ghee in the bowl, and add more as you create the dough, using just enough for a firm, yet flexible ball. If your dough is too wet, sprinkle a little more flour into it, until you have a soft, flexible, yet sturdy dough ball. Alternatively, I made this once with 1 tbsp of added tapioca flour (to the 1/4 cup Otto's), which made my dough a littler more stiff, but easier to fry. 

Divide the ball into 2 smaller balls. 

Once dough is workable, flatten as best as possible, into a flat circle. You may need to work it flat on parchment paper and use a spatula to release from paper. 

Once the dough is flattened (but not paper thin), fill the center with a scoop of your favorite nut butter, some crushed nuts, some Brown Butter ghee, a sprinkle of sea salt, and a drizzle of honey or coconut sugar. Spread to fill the center of the dough, then fold up each side of the dough, meeting them in the middle. It will form a small square.  

Carefully mend any tears in the dough. Slightly flatten the square before frying. 

Fry for a couple of minutes on each side in some ghee, until browned. I turned mine twice while frying, and drizzled some honey on top while frying, and flipped to fry the honey, like a bit of a glaze. Finish with a another drizzle of honey (if desired) and sea salt. You could also bake this for about 5 -10 minutes at 350, then pan fry to finish, if your roti is too thick to fry thoroughly.

Repeat with the second dough ball and enjoy! If you try this recipe, be sure to tag us @barefootprovisions on Instagram, or @barefootprimal on Twitter- we'd love to see your creation! 

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