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Barefoot Golden Milk

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Alyssa Cassidy

While organizing an out-of-control superfood collection (I tell you, we try them all. Always hunting for the best, for the shelves of Barefoot!) Hilary came up with amazing concoction. Golden Milk is actually a fairly common drink in places around the world, and there are plenty of possibly associated health benefits that come along with it (click the link above to learn more.)

For the Barefoot take on Golden Milk, try this: 

Start with a base of strong ginger tea. Next add some ghee, coconut oil, a handful of coconut flakes, a healthy amount of:

lucuma powder

carob powder


black pepper

ceylon cinnamon

a pinch of vanilla

and a pinch of salt

(you can sub some of Pure Indian Foods Turmeric Superghee for the ghee, black pepper and turmeric)

Whizz it up together in a high power blender for a treat that's creamy and rich and subtly sweet spicy. She doesn't drink caffeine, but this is a way that she keeps going all morning long. 



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