Holiday Spice Latte

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I saw this adorable little box of holiday spiced coffee at the store the other day, and being the holiday, seasonal fiend that I am, was dying to try it. I looked at the price tag and then the ingredients and realized this one was one I could do at home. 

I use a french press coffee maker which I use 1/4 cup of coffee grounds to make a pot. I added 1 tbsp mulling spices and 2 small cinnamon sticks to the grounds, so that when I poured the boiling water into the press to steep, the spices would steep with the coffee then be strained out as I poured. 

After coffee was done, I added to my blender with some coconut whipped cream (whisked coconut milk from a can) and blended with some honey (or maple syrup). After pouring into my cup, I stirred in some more of the coconut cream into the foam to create some "latte art".

The flavor of this spiced coffee is very subtle, but wonderful on chilly mornings, or while decorating for the holidays :)

For 1 pot of coffee:

1 tbsp mulling spices (found readily available this time of year at grocery stores. Buy whole, not ground.) 

2 cinnamon sticks

Coconut milk (I used canned, that I had whipped with the whisk setting of my stand mixer. But any milk will work)

Drizzle of honey or maple syrup

holiday holidays recipe

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