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Paleo Jeweled Rice (Whole30 Compliant)

Posted on January 08, 2016 by Alyssa Cassidy

I love love love exotic foods, and flavors that I didn't grow up eating. My recent favorite has been Middle Eastern food- Iranian, Afghani, Persian - I'm craving it just thinking about it. This is one of the foods that reminds me of all those cuisines, but it's easy to make so don't be intimidated by something that sounds unfamiliar. 

This side dish (or meal if you add some protein) is so delicious, fresh, sweet,savory, and perfect (I must say!) 

You will need:

Riced cauliflower (2-4 cups)

Steamed carrots (2-4 carrots)

Small handful of raisins (NO sugar added)

Small handful of pomegranate arilis

Small handful of almonds (sliced or slivered)

Zest of an orange

Pinch of Turmeric

Pinch of Salt

Pinch of Ceylon cinnamon

Oil for frying


First start off by making some riced cauliflower. If you haven't done it before, check this tutorial out. 

After you have your riced cauliflower, set aside and grab a few carrots. I stem mine in my Instant Pot. After they're steamed and a bit softened by not gooey, chop and add to the cauliflower. 

Sauté the cauliflower and carrots in a large pan until warm. Add a dash of salt, cinnamon, and a dash of anti inflammatory turmeric to the mix. This not only adds flavor, but gorgeous color. Give the whole dish a tiny squeeze of juice from 1/4 of an orange. 

When all components are warm and rice is soft, pour into a bowl and top with the rest of the ingredients, grate some orange zest over it, mix and serve. I topped mine with a big spoonful of Tahini. YUM! 



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