Paleo Fruity Oatmeal Bliss Bowl

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Paleo Fruity Oatmeal Bliss Bowl 

Need something for breakfast other than good ol' bacon and eggs? Nope, me either. Kidding, but seriously, rarely. I actually whipped up this yummy "n'oatmeal" book as a dessert to share with my friend one day, but breakfast is totally appropriate as well. Oatmeal doesn't feel like a perfect midsummer dessert or anything, but this bowl is light, filled with yummy fruit, and won't leave you feeling weighed down like traditional oats. 

Here's how to make it 

1/2 apple chopped + 1/2 apple diced fine

1/2 banana chopped + 1/2 banana sliced

1 handful coconut flakes

1/2 cup coconut milk

Blend 1/2 chopped banana, apple, coconut milk, and flakes in a blender until blended but still slightly chunky. Put in a hot pan on LOW, stirring regularly.

While your "oats" are warming up, gather your toppings. I went for more coconut flakes, the other 1/2 apple, diced fine, some banana slices, chia seeds, and the finale, a big drizzle of Jem Raw's Sprouted Almond Butter (you pick your favorite flavor- I can't choose!) 

Pour mixture into a bowl and top with your choice of toppings and enjoy! 

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