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Smoothies & Maqui Berries!

Posted on June 21, 2013 by Jason Merkoski


One of the best things about running a provisions store is that you get to try new ingredients all the time. I went for a noon hike today -- 100 degree weather, too hot to even walk barefooted! -- and afterwards came back and made a great smoothie with an ingredient I never tried before. It's called Maqui Berry, and comes in powder form. It tastes chocolatty and tangy and wonderful, and doesn't have much sugar, which is nice. I used to add lots of blueberries to my smoothies, and stopped doing that because I felt I was getting too much sugar in my diet -- but a few teaspoons of Maqui Berries gives me the fruity hit I need, without all the sugar. And as a plus, it turns the smoothie into a nice purply color.
I'm going to look forward to a hot, parched hike again, just so I can make this smoothie again afterwards. Here's the recipe. Note, though -- I'm on what you might call a "Swiss Paleo" diet because I do drink milk and eat cheese. Herewith, the recipe!
* 1 cup of milk
* a few springs of fresh mint
* a tablespoon of carob powder
* a teaspoon of maca powder
* a tablespoon of hemp hearts
* a tablespoon of flax seeds (but only if your blender can handle them; otherwise you should use pre-ground flax seeds)
* a teaspoon of mesquite powder
* three to four tablespoons of protein powder (chocolate whey)
* a teaspoon of acai powder
* a tablespoon of peanut butter (I know, not strictly paleo either, but truly tasty; you can substitute nut butters if you prefer)
* a teaspoon of Maqui Berry powder
* 4 ice cubes (assuming your blender is powerful enough to chomp them into pieces)
I usually add all these ingredients in the order listed above, ending with the ice cubes. This seems to reduce the splatter on the side of the blender. Hey, what can I say -- I don't want to waste my superfood and smoothie ingredients! Once all the ingredients are added I blend and gradually amp of the volume on the blender, going from Grind to Puree. Your blender may have different settings. All told, it blends for about 30 seconds. I should note also I'm not very good at measuring; I never use teaspoons or tablespoons. It's all by eye. And I'm not a fascist about the ingredients; I usually use most of them, but vary them as I see fit. This recipe evolved over -- wow -- twelve years. I've been gradually improving my smoothie recipe over the years, and it will likely continue improving over time! I'd be curious to know if you have any suggestions for what might work well!


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