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Himalayan Honey in the Heat

Posted on June 27, 2013 by Jason Merkoski


It's a hot day here -- pushing 100 degrees -- and I just got back from a hike. What I really want to do is gulp down an entire river, but that would have a lot of newts and muck inside it. So instead, I made some incredible limeade with one of the new products we're carrying - Himalayan White honey. It's sweet, like all honeys, but has a nice milky opacity and a taste slightly like butterscotch. I mixed up a few cups of chilled water from a mason jar we keep in the fridge, half a squeezed lime, a pinch of salt, and maybe just shy of a tablespoon of honey -- and wow, I've made this three times in a row just now, that's how good it is! The salt helps to replace lost electrolytes, the limes give it a nice taste and perhaps prevent scurvy (hey, I'm part British, I have to worry about this!) and the honey evokes distant Himalayan mountains, cool, snow-swept, and somehow full of flowers and bees.
I suspect I'm fictionalizing that last part, in my imagination, but it seems cool and refreshing!



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