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Matcha Pineapple Paleo Smoothie + Our Favorite Instagram Accounts

Posted on July 21, 2016 by Alyssa Cassidy

Smoothies, and Matcha, and Instagram — oh my!

I find a TON of inspiration for my paleo meals, Whole30 dishes, and just about everything that I make in my kitchen, or put in my mouth from some form of social media. 

For me personally, I find Instagram to be the most helpful, as I'm a visual person, so first I eat with my eyes, and Instagram's platform makes it a simple method for seeing hoards of food photos at a time. Before you can cozy up to your next favorite new meal or snack, you need to curate your feed based on food that you want to eat. I used to find myself following accounts that were visually appealing, and beckoned to my sweet tooth (i.e.: donuts, desserts, cakes, and ice cream blogs) but found that I wasn't really inspired by them, as those are things I tend to keep out of my diet for the most part minus my favorite gluten free, primal and paleo treats here and there. After a few years, I've gotten an amazing list of foodies that I love to follow, and wanted to share a few of those favorites with you.

Find your tribe

I'm currently LOVING @lucky__peach, @Iheartumami.ny, and @paleochef.

@lucky__peach is a great way to indulge in my love of pretty sweets and treats, but also honor my passion for real food. She describes her feed as 70% healthy cooking, 20% NYC eats, and 10% utter indulgence — a perfect balance. 

@iheartumami.ny exploded on the scene in the paleosphere with her Asian paleo cuisine. She creates the most incredible looking, traditional Asian dishes, and keeps them all completely paleo, most of them even Whole30 friendly. She was recently featured on @Whole30Recipes feed as their featured guest poster for a week, so you've hopefully seen her stuff popping up on your feed already.

and finally, @paleochef, aka Mary, aka the maker of Phat Fudge (coming soon to Barefoot!) Mary is the perfect mix of paleo, real life, humor, and inspiration. If you need some serious food porn, look no further (search back in her feed for one of her mason jar chili posts, or the baklava... dammmmmn.)

Who is your favorite person to follow on Instagram? I'd love to hear your favorites so I can follow them too! If you haven't, check our feed out at @BarefootProvisions.

Matcha Pineapple Paleo Smoothie 

I'll leave you with a fun recipe I created after seeing a delicious paleo smoothie that @lucky__peach posted on her feed. It was one she had purchased from a local shop, but being across the country, and sweating my arse off, I had to make it my own. 

First, I froze some paleo coconut water (ingredient should be only coconut water) into ice cubes. I used those as the base for my smoothie, adding in about 2 cups of chopped pineapple, half a banana, a handful of ice, a drizzle of neem honey, and finally a tablespoon of Wild Foods matcha powder. This yielded 2 large, refreshing, tart, yet subtly sweet smoothies that helped me escape the brutal Texas heat, if only for a few blissful moments.

Why matcha? Well first off, check out that gorgeous green hue! But otherwise, here are some of the amazing nutrients in matcha powder:

  • EGCG: Thought to be the key component of "what makes green tea so awesome", EGCG can boost metabolism and energy.
  • L-Theanine - Coupled with the caffeine in matcha, L-Theanine works in your body to focus your mind and reduce anxiety. 
  • Catechin's - Catechins are substances that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and they help with tooth and gum health. Nifty.


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