Crispy Fried Butternut Squash

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Crispy Fried Butternut Squash


This recipe was created amidst my January Whole30. I was sauteed, baked, and roasted out, and needed something with serious crunch. While compliant, ingredient-wise, my trusty Yucan Crunch flatbread were out of the question as crackers but I had seen them used as a breading before and that's when inspiration struck. 

I have tried and failed at many fried things, a feat that wouldn't make my fellow Southern-born folks proud, but I can happily say that these did not make it on that fail list. These fried squash were tender, crispy, savory, sweet, and salty, all in each bite. My husband even exclaimed "they almost taste like fried cheese or something!" bless his heart, that's the day 26 of Whole30 talking, but nonetheless, these taste truly indulgent.

They're decidedly not the easiest or prettiest to make, but well worth the effort and elbow grease that goes into peeling a butternut squash. 

Here's how to make it

You'll need

1 butternut squash, sliced into 2 cm slices (I opt to buy a longer one, with more of the non-rounded bulb side)

2 eggs

1/4-1/2 cup cassava flour

1-2 Yucan Crunch flatbread crackers

salt, pepper, seasonings as desired 

Gold Nugget Ghee

1. Preheat oven to 400.

2. Peel or slice off the skin of the squash, cut off the rounded end (with seeds, you can use this for another dish) and slice squash into 2 centimeter thick slices, whatever shape you like. Add 1-2 Yucan Crunch crackers to a food processor and pulse into a crumble, like a breadcrumb. 

3. Bake the sliced on a baking sheet, lightly greased to avoid sticking for about 10-15 until very slightly softening. 

4. Remove and let cool for a few minutes. 

5. Add flour to a small bowl, whisked egg to another, and the crumbled Yucan Crunch to a third. Add a bit of salt, pepper, garlic powder, or seasonings of choice to the flour. 

6. Heat 2-4 tbsp Gold Nugget Ghee on the stovetop over medium heat. 

7. Dip a slice of the squash into the flour to lightly coat, patting off the excess, then dip in egg to coat, letting the excess drip off. Finally dip the squash into the crumbs, coating, before placing in the hot ghee. Repeat with remaining squash.

8. Cook until browning on each side and remove. Add a pinch of salt if desired, and serve hot.


These are slightly reminiscent of tempura veggies which used to be one of my favorite appetizers in the past. I hope you enjoy these as much as we do! Let us know what you think, or if you try this recipe with another veggie of choice!



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