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Paleo Sushi Burrito

Posted on February 03, 2017 by Alyssa Cassidy

Paleo Sushi Burrito

Sushirrito's are EVERYWHERE these days. One of the top food trends right now, I'd say. Essentially a sushirrito is just a jumbo sushi roll, and rather than cut into pieces, it's cut in half — practically a burrito. These are a delicious treat, but often times are fillllled to the brim with sauces of questionable ingredients, and a heavy serving of rice, which not all paleo folks can handle. 

I'd tried my hand at sushi rolls before, see here, and was up for the challenge of creating my own sushirrito. It was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be, and more. 100% deliciousness, if a little messy. 

Here's how to make them

First, gather and chop, slice, cut, prepare your ingredients.

For two large rolls, we used:

8 oz cauliflower rice, slightly cooked to soften

4 nori wraps (seaweed paper)

1/2 red pepper (sliced into strips)

1/2 cucumber (sliced into, long cubed strips)

2 carrots (sliced into, long cubed strips)

fresh cilantro

1 avocado (cut in half, then sliced and scooped out onto a plate)

meat of choice (I opened for some chicken curry I had leftover in the fridge - you can use sushi grade fish if you prefer, or even some wild caught canned salmon)

optional sauce: Primal Kitchen Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, or Coconaise (all found here)

optional dipping sauce: coconut aminos

First, lay out one sheet of nori (seaweed paper) on a flat surface, then lay a second sheet beside it, slightly overlapping by about an inch or two. (basically giving you a longer sheet.) 

Scoop half the cauliflower onto the paper, and spread into a thin layer, taking up about half the paper length. 

Pile the veggies on, in strips from top to bottom, then top with mayo, avocado, and desired fillings. I did mine a little closer to one side of the paper, this is going to be where you wrap first. 

Starting at the side closest to the fillings, slowly and tightly start rolling to form your "burrito". The moisture form the cauliflower rice should help make things stick to the paper. The ends might be slightly harder to keep tight. Once fully rolled, use a sharp knife to cur the burrito in half. 

I like to pinch together the end (that might have a little less filling than the other end that was the center before it was cut) while eating so that nothing spills, however, be warned this can be a messy dish. 

Sprinkle some coconut aminos into the burrito and dig in! 


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