Paleo Sweet Potato Pockets

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I've been doing a lot of soups lately, not much baking, so I figured it was time to pull out my trusty Sweet Potato Flour by Zocalo Gourmet and make something happen. I had been drooling over My Heart Beet's Paleo Samosas and Empanadas and Predominantly Paleo's Empanadas, so I took a little inspiration from the two to produce these gorgeous little handheld pockets of deliciousness, using some of the Barefoot pantry favorites. 

First, I gathered my flour, an egg, Real Salt, small bowl, and a tablespoon.

I mixed together:

2 tbsp sweet potato flour

1 egg

dash of Real Salt

and 3 tbsp water

to form a runny batter.

Next, I took some Pure Indian Foods ghee, and heated it on med-high in a small frying pan.

I emptied half of the batter, pouring in a pancake shape, and let it cook a bit, until it started to firm up, and I could tell it was almost cooked through but was still a little doughy on top.

I carefully slid it off of the frying pan, and onto a greased baking sheet. I took a small spoonful of some chicken tikka masala I had leftovers from, and emptied into the center of the cake, on top of the uncooked side. 

For the second, I took some stewed beef I had leftover and did the same.

Next, I carefully folded half up to meet the other side, and carefully squeezed the edges together. This part can get messy if you have too much filling, but it will still taste great ;) 

(^see, messy!)

I baked these for about 20 minutes at 350, until solid and baked through, topped with some guacamole, and savored every last crumb.

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