Paleo Tex Mex Migas

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Paleo Tex Mex Migas

When I first moved to Austin to open up the Barefoot warehouse and office, I quickly learned the taco culture here is second to none. From Torchy's to Taco Deli, tacos are king here, and I've happily scarfed down my fair since landing here over two years ago. You can read some of our favorite places to chow down in this post.

One unfamiliar item, amongst a few others, that I found on so many menus here in Austin, both as a main course, and as a taco filling was Migas. Migas is essentially, old tortillas, or tortilla chips, crushed, or chopped in a skillet with some veggies (peppers/onions) then covered with eggs and scrambled. "Migas" means "crumbs" and was originally made as a low cost meal to the availability of day old tortillas with eggs. In many recipes, torillas from the previous day are used to crumble into the pan, but locally, I've also seen tortilla chips used, and that's where my "A-HA!" moment happened. With Siete's amazing grain free, corn free, paleo tortilla chips, a totally paleo migas was a reality. 

Here's how to make them

You'll need:

2 handfuls Siete chips

4 eggs

1 small onion




spices of choice (I prefer Teeny Tiny Spice's Oaxacan Adobo for this dish) 


Begin by dicing up the onion and cilantro.

Add onion to a skillet cast iron preferably, and cooking over medium heat until starting to soften and brown. Meanwhile, whisk eggs with salt and spice in a bowl. 

Once onions are done, grab two handfuls of chips and slightly crumble them over the cooking onions and stir for a few moments. 

Pour in the eggs, and stir. Scramble like you would with just eggs, and cook until the egg is firm. 

Turn off the heat, pour or drizzle in some salsa, top with cilantro and serve. 

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