Whole30 Prosciutto Wrap Ups

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Whole30 Prosciutto Wrap Ups

When you don't want a salad, these are a great way to get some good leafy greens, all wrapped up in melt in your mouth prosciutto bites. One of the most popular ways I've seen prosciutto used is with arugula in a light salad — you might say these bites are a re-constructed salad. 

These little bites are Whole30 friendly (just be sure to check the ingredients on the prosciutto) and are great for a quick snack, a light meal, or party appetizers.

Here's how to make them

You'll need

1 package prosciutto (or 1 slice of prosciutto for however many "wrap ups" you want in the end)

1-2 Cups fresh arugula (great peppery, leafy green)

2-4 dried figs 

Primal Kitchen Foods Balsamic Dressing

 Cashews or raw nuts

Start by chopping your figs into little centimeter long pieces. 

Next, lay out prosciutto slices on a plate, slightly spaced apart. 

In a small bowl, massage arugula with the balsamic dressing, then take a small handful, place in the middle of the prosciutto slice, top with a couple pieces of the diced fig, a few cashews then, starting at one end, wrap the prosciutto around the fillings and roll to create a tiny burrito shaped bite. 

Repeat until all are complete and serve!

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