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Paleo Tempura Avocado

Posted on February 06, 2016 by Barefoot Provisions

Today at Whole Foods I was THRILLED to find they have updated the selections at the hot bar- we now have paleo friendly options at Whole Foods ATX! I was also thrilled to find the biggest, most ripe, juicy, neon green avocados for $1. I got one and was thinking about this taco I love to order at Torchy's Tacos. Their vegetarian, fried avocado taco is literally EVERYTHING. I have no known food allergies or even sensitivities, so I indulge in it frequently, but I DO try to keep my diet pretty much paleo, so I was thrilled to discover I can make this delicious little diddy at home. (Also, I'm OBSESSED with avocado — I "hated" it for years, until I actually tried it and now I could live on them. I even have an avocado tattoo with my hubs ;)


I looked online and saw some amazing baking avocados but none of them were exactly what I was going for. I wanted a tempura like crust, soft, ripe avocado bursting after you but through the crust, a little tiny bit of golden crisp to the outside — then it hit me, Otto's Cassava Flour. I've fried a million things with it so I pulled out a bag and got to frying.

First I sliced my avocado in half vertically, removed the seed/nut, then sliced each half into about 5-6 slices, and finally spoon scooped them out. 

In a small bowl, I whisked an egg, but go for 2 if you're doing a large avocado. 

In another small bowl, fill with half cup of cassava flour. I added a little paprika, Real Salt, pepper, and a dash of garlic powder to this bowl and mixed.

On the stove top, I melted a couple of tablespoons of ghee and let it get HOT. While it was warming up, I dropped each piece of the avocado into the egg to coat, then placed  that into the cassava flour to batter. I lightly fried in the ghee flipping after a minute or so, and setting on a piece of parchment paper to cool. After cool enough to touch, I covered them in another layer of egg, cassava flour, then fried again, turning up the heat a bit this time to get them a little more brown. I sprinkled with a little more Real Salt before finishing.

While your avocado is cooling, mix some Sriracha, Cholula, or other sugar free hot sauce with some paleo mayo, and stir well to create a dipping sauce. You can eat these like fries, on a tortilla, topping a salad, it's really up to you!

These will make a PERFECT Super Bowl snack for tomorrow (since I only do football for the food!) You have to move fast making these so I suggest starting with half a batch at first so you don't burn them, or yourself in the process.


Posted on February 06, 2016 by Barefoot Provisions

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